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Discusses To Implementation Of Sustainable Tourism

Posted on:2005-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152468781Subject:Urban planning and design
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Sustainable travel is extension of sustainable development within the field of travel, and is one of important subjects of sustainable development. Tourism is a new industry that is developing most vibrant and fastest in the world. Many unexpected problems, however, have been exposed gradually in the course of the development of tourism. Because of the restriction of the national conditions, our country has met sorts of problems at the high speed of developing of tourism.These difficulties above hinder the sustainable develop of tourism. Development of tourist industry in our country will be made lasting, healthy, and high efficient. The background of our study lies in the difficulties faced by the tourist industry of our country at the present stage. The target of study is the ecological tour, participation of community, and management of risks. The study aims to solve the obstacles of sustainable tourist development and to make the sustainable tourism healthy and steady.On the basis of analysis to the questions appearing in eco-tour, put forward the strategy and measure of eco-tour sustainable travel development. Community participation is faced in restriction practically. The thesis substantiates and perfects this theory further, as to offer reference for our country's travel theory of community participation. SARS, in 2003, namely "sensitive industry". As regards our country, the stage of our national tourist industry strengthened the sensitivity. Inspiration of the mechanism of enterprise's risk, the thesis is to set up a mechanism of tourist industry's risk. About the prospect of this research, the thesis thinks that the outlet of sustainable travels is a dynamic concept. In the course of sustainable travel, factors more importantly determined by one's own situation of different period, different countries and regions.
Keywords/Search Tags:sustainable tourism, ecological tourism, community participation, risk precaution
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