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The Research Of Top Management Team's Operating To Enterprise's Performance

Posted on:2006-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152470136Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Market economy day by day complicated to make individual top manager possessed professional knowledge and technical ability can not guarantee it finish enterprise manage course All complicated task that face, top management team become modern enterprise manage and an important operational mode of management already. High to in charge of group level of operational efficiency determine enterprise quality of performance directly, set up one a effective top management team seem essential for modern enterprises. Because top management team particularity of member make it have the characteristics that different from the general group, so we unable to is it suitable for general theory of group suitable for top management team as experience to demand. The research of top management team concentrate group personal characteristic of member on to enterprise influence of performance mainly the present stage. But conclusion of research the because of lack conclusion of consistency, difficult to play a guiding role to practice.It is in charge of acting on enterprise's performance through influencing the operation course of the group in group's personal characteristic that it is high, it will not influence the performances of enterprises directly, join top management team operation course variable this carry on research. Top management team operation course is it after analyzing, find team distribution of policy-making power will determine the operational efficiency of the team to go on at first, and then influence enterprise's performance. Whether is it influence through foundation of model top management team important factor that policy-making power assigns to put forward: information transmission cost and trusting inside the group- act for the cost. To how reduce high two cost these to in charge of group go on theory analyze this article afterwards, it is the key factor of influencing these two kinds of cost to put forward the high conflict management and group members' sense of ownership in charge of the group, influence way carry on theory analyses to it , propose high to in charge of group conflict management suppose with sense of ownership impact on enterprise's performance , member of group .On the basis of data collection, we have carried on the deletion and classification to the data through the analytic approach of the level and main composition analytic approach, utilize the data after putting in order to supposing and carrying on dependence analysis and analysis of the route, have got the influence coefficient between the high conflict management and the member's sense of ownership of group and enterprise's performance in charge of the group. Finally, on the basis of the thing that analyses about the result, set up the effective high suggestion and countermeasure which are top management team after putting forward enterprises of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Top Management Team, The policy-making power assign, Heterogeneity, Conflict management, Sense of ownership
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