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Innovative Researching Of Virtual Management Mode Of Modern Enterprises

Posted on:2006-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152470623Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Virtual management mode is an operational mode of modern enterprises, it apply the "Virtual World" of the computers technology into the management of enterprises, which can organizes the enterprises having different competitive advantages to reach the same goal. We should divide the work highly in low transaction cost in order to enhance the core competence and integrate efficiency, it is the most important driving measure to gain international competitive of modern enterprises. Such mode can be used in the diversified enterprises, like the cement manufactory enterprises, chemical enterprises and automobile enterprises which existed a century long, even in the high technology enterprises.We have subscribed how to make enterprises"virtual"from different facets above like organization modes spanning time and space,spanning the way of organize out of reach and outsource like being extroverted to utilize exterior resource, further more, describing the virtual management problem from IT in network age. This article utilizes the Methodical radiation from cobweb thinking to integrate and induces the investigation achievement in the area of the virtual management theory and abstracts a full administrant theory including manufacture management, quality, human resource management, etc.All the means of "virtual" can be seen as a series of different tactics to adapt the requirement of an alterable market, so as to gain the advantage of competition. Those tactics can be divided into three kinds according to their property: virtual product/service, virtual resource and virtual knowledge. They resolved the confusion status of virtual management and revealed the essential of the virtual management.After that, establishes the model of virtual management, analyses its mode from these three aspects: described frame of virtual enterprise mode, integration support circumstance and the steps to realize it.Further more, combine an effective performance evaluate with stratagem management tools: the Balanced Scorecard, from the angle of development and innovation , interior process, customer , finance and social benefit to establish the indicator system in virtual management mode to evaluate performance in order to instruct modern enterprise to realize virtual management stratagem.Finally, to discuss how the suppliers manufactures logistics, wholesalers andretailers work in coordination with each other to actualize the virtual management in Agile Supply Chain angle. Some virtual management like VMI, VERP, 3PL, 4PL, JMI, CPFR, etc, have been deeply analysed in this article, so that we can grasp the essential of the virtual management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Management, cobweb thinking, Agile Supply Chain, Knowledge Chain, the Balanced Scorecard
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