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A Study On The Developments Of Green Logistics

Posted on:2006-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L R YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152483222Subject:Industrial Economics
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With the rapid developments of society and economy, products and materials of human beings are increased greatly. But in the mean time, the resources on earth on which human beings depending are decreased gradually. The environment we relying for existence are facing many threats. In such a background, a "Green Tide" rose in 1920s' throughout the whole world. And a "Green Revolution" aimed at sustainable developments has risen vigorously. The green activities are beginning to permeate in many fields. As an industry with strong comprehension and connection, modern logistic is the pillar of national economy in many countries. The emergence of new economy and internet has given new knowledge, new technology and new management thinking to logistics field,and promoting logistics industry to develop towards specilalization and large-scale. However, with the increment of quantity and transformation of management, and large-scale orientation of equipment and tools, the effects logistics put on ecology environment are becoming more and more serious. In such a background, developed countries put forward the concept of "Green Logistics". Green logistics is a kind of green activity aiming at sustainable developments and permeating into the field of Logistics. At present, Green Logistics is still a totally new concept lacking mature theoretical system to support. But the social and economic value it having showed us is great. The thesis gives full study on the concept of Green Logistics, background of its emergence and important value, and gives systematic study on theoretical basis and achieving strategy. When analyzing Green Logistics recycling retrieving, it puts theories into practices and tries to make use of VB program to simulate Green Logistics Recycling retrieving system practices and gives an e-commerce program. The framework of the thesis is arranged as follows: ChapterⅠ: Background of emergence of Green Logistics and its theoretical basis. It analyzes Green Logistics strategies based on the idea of sustainable development. ChapterⅡ: Green Logistics system. It puts emphasis on study of Green Logistics systematic running model based on theory of product life cycle and recycling economy. ChapterⅢ: Introduction to developments of Green Logistics in China and foreign countries. By showing successful practices of Green Logistics in Europe and U.S.A and Japan, it gives important examples to the developments of Green Logistics in China. ChapterⅣ:The suggestion and strategy of logistics developments in China. It studies how to promote logistics to be green from angles of government policy, system, public green idea education and other aspects, and establish an e-commerce platform of green logistics recycling system by VB program.
Keywords/Search Tags:sustainable development, Green Logistics, Reverse Logistics, logistics strategy
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