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Research On Land Use Change And Sustainable Use Model In Weichang County

Posted on:2006-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H GanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152487014Subject:Physical geography
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Land use system as the typical nature-economy-society complex system, to its resume and reestablish of the degeneration system, the reconstruction with reason about structure and function plays the key role, utilizing manual work sustain, collocating rational land use structure and sight pattern, is the main measure enhanced the producing function and ecological protected function to achieve stability of ecological system. So, reasonable exploitation and use of land resource is the important content to achieve district sustain development. Land use is the core of protection and construction of ecological environment. Reasonably exploitation and achieving sustainable using of land resources are important components of national economy and sustainable development of modem society. And adjustment of land use structure is the basis of regularization of industry structure.As a ecotone between agriculture and animal husbandry, Weichang county is the source of sandstorm the region around Beijing. The ecological fragility lead to the unique spacial distributing of land use. As an agricultural county, its land use change correlates region sustain development problem, including the domain development about land resource use and the soil degradation. To analyze the stability of land use structure, and main force driving the land use change, is the rational approach to layout rationally land exploiture, to optimize the land use structure, and is ultimately need to protect environment and carry out region sustain development.The research uses mathematical models as the main methods, and regards the land sustain use pattern as the goal. The outline of this thesis is as the following: (1) situation and exiting problem of land use; (2) analysis of land use Spatial-Temporal change and driving force; (3)study of sustain use patern; (4)adjustment of land use structure; (5) advices.The dissertation consists of five parts. From the first part to the third part, it summarizes the background and meaning of region land use; narrates the evolvement in the research about land use change, entironment renovation in Bashang plateau, and put forward developed problem the researched region facing; particular introduce the geographical environment setting, and diagnose situation and exiting problem of land use.In part four, Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of land use change are illustrated by constructing many mathematical indexes, land use change and estate structure adjustment under ecological construction are affected by social policy. The result shows: Land resource use have taken great changes from 1992 to 1998, but cultivated land reduces slowly; and the ensemble change is slowly from 1998 to 2002, but cultivated land change is antithetic; and orchard land is celery increase all the time. It is principal that grassland and uncultivated land transfer to forest land form 1992 to 1998; between 1998 and 2002, orchard land is principal to transfer to forest land. The diversification trend of land use structure descend, the diversification of Baxia region is largest, and Jieba region descend to the lowest place. The human activity under the control of country ecologic construction policy is principal reason resulting in land use change in Weichang county. And agriculture structure adjustment, especially construction of Returning cultivated land to forestland or grassland of late years is important reason, to take cultivated land to reduce.In part five, based on the research before, the regional function of weichang county has been focused ecological function by dividing the region into ecological and productive function section. In order to attain the goal of ecological society, get the ecological reward and use land sustainable, according to correlational principia, put up the frame of land use subarea pattern, and layout land use distribution and exploited emphases.
Keywords/Search Tags:Weichang county, Land use change, Ecological environment construction, Land sustain use
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