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Research On Revenue Sharing Mechanism Of Enterprises Cooperation In Supply Chain

Posted on:2005-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152955855Subject:Business management
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Since 1990s,competition is more and more fierce with the fast advancement of technology, developing productivity, social economic, integrating of global economic and change of consumer demand, which has changed the influencing factors of enterprise's competition . Under the background, the model of supply chain management arise, which achieve the goal of maximal profit of whole supply chain through acting coherently and reducing the whole operation cost . Supply chain management emphasizes that how enterprises create own core capability and how they establish the strategical partnership and that each enterprise focus energy on developing and solidifying own core capability and operation which create more special key operation than rivals and win the advantage of competition and realize common profit . Seeing from above depiction, the good or bad performance of whole supply chain relies on whether the partnership of enterprises is good or bad. But one of the main influence factor of partnership is the problem or profit sharing which affects the stability and performance of whole supply chain .This paper studies mainly the problem of cooperation profit sharing. Its aim is that understanding correlation of profit, putting forward the methods and model of profit distribution and realizing the justice and rational distribution among all enterprise, which offers a reference of revenue distribution to supply chain and consolidates the partnership.Firstly, this text summarizes the conception of supply chain, SCM, cooperation partnership, e.t., which is based on the theory of supply chain. Moreover, it expounds the role of cooperation partnership and factors of influencing cooperation partnership.Secondly, the conception, form and constitute of profit of supply chain is sharing is significant to the SCM. At the same time, the characteristic, signification, principle, model, influence factors of profit sharing is analyzeddetailedly, which is useful to next by making us understand the peculiarity of profit sharing.Thirdly, a scheme of solving the problem of profit sharing is put forward which is based on above. At first, based on others scholars studies, some methods which are often used and simple are introduced, then according to the theory of negotiation and game.some model of avenue distribution are established.At last, a case is offered, which show that how to put the models in practice and prove the models are scientific and applied.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain management, cooperation partnership, profit sharing
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