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Research On The Node Selection Of Logistics System With Facing The Mechanism Of Cooperation And Coordination In Supply Chain

Posted on:2004-07-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122482271Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Along with the unceasing variation of the market, the enterprise management is also in changing, even the characters of recent enterprises turn into cooperation and confidence, and there also exists the competitive cooperation between the enterprise operation in the supply chain. It must point out that an important and necessary research topic is to analyze and determine the aforcited characters and their regular pattern, In this paper, having looked up the foreign and domestic relative literatures and analyzed as well as synthesized the research achievements and remained problems ,the mechanism of cooperation and coordination, the profit distribution and the node selection for logistics system are investigated deeply and systematically here .At first, the relative concepts of logistics system and supply chain are described briefly and summarily in this paper, Based on the analysis of relative concepts and practices for supply chain management in foreign countries, the connection and distinction between management of logistics and supply chain are disseted, then, there lays a foundation for the later researches.In succession, the relative problems of authorial enterprise are studied, after analyzing the coordination and control mode for enterprises in supply chain, it shows that the coordination and control mode of enterprises within supply chain is in mixed control form. In order to enhance the achievement efficiency according as the aforementioned train of thought, the authoritarian enterprises, which occupy the strategic decision and supervise authority, must be distinguished, Through analyzing and inspecting the relative concepts of core and superiority for competition the evaluation dimensionality and index system are proposed.As the authoritarian enterprises in supply chain were determined, by way of a series researches and explorations, the theoretic analysis frame for selecting the cooperative companions in supply chain is established, then, the model for selection of cooperative companions was presented, whereby the data with different property can be analyzed and treated unitedly by using this model, and the synthetic arrangement of cooperative companions can be obtained briefly and accurately. Afterward, the recent information support system and information sustain technique are divided and investigated briefly .The investigation results show that the aforcited information support system and sustain technique are the guarantee for smooth flowing of the information in supply chain Being built up the safety and reliable information system, the mechanism of control and coordination between every enterprise is analyzed in detail. The mode of cooperation and coordination with mechanism of the Principle-Agent, which being also called the profit distribution model and occupying the important theory significance and obvious application value, is originated .The conclusions drawn from this model posses the universality for guiding, then, these conclusions are used to set up and analyzed the mode of selecting tactics for logistics node in logistics system, finally the theory analysis frame is built up for selection tactics of logistics node with taking the mechanism of the Principle-Agent and the profit distribution mode as the foundation ,The research results presented above provide a certain theory basis and appropriate method for supply chain management...
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain management, node of logistics, cooperation and coordination, profit distribution, selection of cooperation companion
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