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Study On Market Supply System Of Urban Land

Posted on:2005-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152960081Subject:Land Resource Management
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With the development of socialist market economy, the traditional pattern of urban land utilization and management, which takes planned economy as subject, has not met the needs of the market economy law. Especially, with the ultimate transition of economic increment style, the land management mode should be turned from being passive examined and approved to being disposed by market under national macro adjustments and controls; and land utilization style needs to turn from external increment to intension existent development, in order to promote rational distribution and utilization of land resource. However, it must set up and perfect land market in conformity with socialist market economy system to realize these two transitions. And that means prices should be determined by market by value law under macro adjustments and controls of the country. Through the economic lever, land is promoted to flow, and an effective land supply mechanism can be formed, which takes market as a leading factor and based on land storage system.The main content of this paper is expressed as follow:Chapter one gives an introduction of research background, research objective, meaning of the research and then summarizes the research status of land supply mechanism at home and abroad. Moreover, the blue print, research approach of the paper is introduced, as well as research method.Chapter two describes the concepts and characters of urban land, urban land supply, land market, urban land market and land supply mechanism, etc. At the same time it reviews the basic theories of the research, such as supply and demand theory, position theory, land rent and price theory and property right theory.Chapter three illuminates the component of market supply mechanism of urban land, which includes supply plan, supply type, supply channel, supply threshold, support price, organization and function of land supply, the policy of land supply system as well.After introducing the history change of urban land utilization system and supply mechanism, form, implications and character of urban land supply mechanism, chapter four analyses the advantages and disadvantages of current urban land supply mechanism of the country, and puts forward disadvantage of current supply mechanism.Firstly introducing current situation, characteristic and main existing problems of Nanjing's land utilization. Chapter five discusses and analyses developing history, currentsituation, performance appraising and problems of urban land supply mechanism in Nanjing. Then, it analyses the future trend of urban land market in Nanjing. Finally, On the basis of this, it provides a series of suggestions and measures for perfecting land supply mechanism of the primary market, such as implementing strict control on land use, improving the level of urban land planning, implementing strict supply styles with high market orientation, uniting supply channel, strengthening supply threshold, increasing efficiency of the urban land use.Chapter six gives important results of this paper. It puts forward to establish a market-oriented land supply mechanism in which supply leads demand by exerting the function of land storage system.
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