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The Intensified Utilization And Evaluation Of Urban Land In Our Country

Posted on:2006-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152993547Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the reform and opening up of china and the quick development of industrialization, the urbanization of China is speeding up. Accompanying with the development of modern civilization, there are also many problems such as the lack of land, traffic jam and city pollution etc. The fact have been proved that we must solve these problems, allocate land reasonable and make intensive utilization of land resource in order to quicken up the citify process and improve the life quality of people. The process of urbanization should be the process of intensified utilization of lands. The phenomenons of extensive exploitation of land, irregular market and the lack of management have already obstructed the reusable source of land and the fast development of the city's economy. Therefore, it has become the urgent affairs to build up the indicator system of measuring the intensive use of urban land and look for a way to carry out.This paper establishes in the situation of our country, analyzes the reason of the problems that existences in the use of urban lands from the history, economy system reform, layout, legal system and management system. It points out that intensified utilization will be the predominant direction of our city land in the future. It elaborates that the intensified utilization of urban lands are to organize, moderate the relationship of between people and land and resources environment by a series of means, market-oriented, look for and choose the best using target and way of the land resource, developed the advantage and structure function of the land resource maximum, attaining the best ecological, economic and social benefit. Under this foundation, it brings forward the countermeasure to achieve intensive use of urban land from the angle of policy measure, macro-control and market mechanism etc. It sets up the index system and basic methods to evaluate the degree of the intensified utilization of the urban lands. The index system mainly installs from this four layers: the target layer,standard layer, main factor layer and the index factor layer. It regards the degree of intensified utilization of urban lands as the target layer. The standard layer contains four parts: the foundational condition of the utilization of district lands, the actuality of intensified utilization of urban lands, the related factor of intensified utilization of urban lands, the development of intensified utilization and evaluation of urban lands. The main factor layer and the index factor layer are made up by seven and thirty-three indexes individually. It expounds systematically the basic process of the degree of intensified utilization of urban lands with the methods of layer analysis and indistinct synthetic evaluation. It provides the basis for government to formulate the policy laws, measure, and reasonable operation procedure of the intensified utilization of urban lands.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Land, Intensive Utilization, Analytic Hierarchy Process Fuzzy, Comprehensive Judgment
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