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A Study On Urbanized Peasants In The Process Of Urban-rural Integration

Posted on:2012-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332989827Subject:Marxism in China
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It is an inevitable trend for urbanized peasants emerging with the changes of social structure, during the process of modernization, industrialization and urbanization. It is a general rule of the development of human society that the traditional agricultural society turns to modern industrial society. Rural peasants immigrating to the city is the important matter of the trend and rule. China is a rural majority, from an agricultural country to industrial country and developing country efforts to achieve modernization. Industrialization, urbanization, the rapid advance of urban and rural integration, peasant's citizen has become an important & necessary part of economic and social development. However, due to the partition of the dual urban-rural economic and social structures and various historical and realistic factors, farmers still walk the public road slowly and difficultly. This brought many economic and social problems and conflicts and it greatly influenced the economic development and social harmony and stability. Based on the background of quickly pushing of the Urban-rural Integration. In order to push the urbanized peasants better, it's necessary to analyze factors that condition the urbanized peasants & propose remedies.The paper defined the concept and content that the research gets involved with, analyzed the promotion effects that urban-rural integration on urbanized peasants and make sure urbanized peasants play a very important part in China today, also point out urbanized peasants is a complex and difficult social systems engineering. Conversion of farmers to the public in accordance with the development of the logical order of things into three different but closely related to each other links: the first one step is farmers out of agriculture and rural, then the second part of the peasants into the urban employment, survival and development. The third part of the integration is into the urban areas. Then analyzed restricting factors of the three links, at last, based on the result above, point out the solutions and problems that claims attention. This paper divides the process of urbanized peasants into three links to illustrate factors of set back. We not only notice the conditionality but also realized only position or place moving is not real urbanized, we must promote peasants to adapt to role transformation,to made them becoming real citizen and complete the processing. With favorable conditions of urbanized peasants improved step by step in the future, to promote peasants'intra-psychic changing & role transformation will be the important research direction.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban-rural integration, urbanized peasants, restricting factor, link, solutions
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