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The Changing Mechanism And Path Choice Of City Integration Development Under The Strategy Of Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2021-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The 40 years of reform and opening up are the 40 years of rapid economic development in China,the economy is extremely extraordinary.Over the past 40 years,the rural young and middle-aged labor force in our country has been continuously transferred to cities,the marketization of industrial and agricultural product exchange has continued to deepen,and the level of public services and coverage in mral areas has been significantly improved.With the gradual advancement of China's market-oriented reform process,China's urban-rural interaction has been further strengthened,and the urban-rural factor flow pattern has been further improved,laying a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of our economy and the improvement of people's living standards.However,in the long-term development process of catch-up urbanization implemented in China,the development strategy that takes the urban center theory as the main point of view has occupied a dominant position,and its theory is applied to the urban "siphon effect"derived from practice,which leads to rural talents and resources.Factors such as information,information,and capital continue to flow to the city.This unidirectional flow has caused the decline and decline of the countryside.The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward a brand-new development concept of rural revitalization strategy.It is precisely the key contradiction that saw the rural value loss and the lack of endogenous development source power,and further proposed the establishment and improvement of urban-rural integrated development.The guiding ideology of urban and rural development of institutional mechanisms and policy systems.Rural revitalization strategy is the profound grasp of Marxism-Leninism rural development thought and urban-rural integration development theory by the communists of all generations.It is the theoretical crystallization in the process of building a new socialist countryside.It carries the historical mission of realizing agricultural and rural modernization in the new era.The inevitable requirements and the necessary paths for winning a well-off society in an all-round way and building socialism with Chinese characteristics are also ways to completely eliminate the"dual structure" between urban and rural areas,coordinate the settlement of urban-rural contradictions,promote balanced urban-rural development,It's the fundamental strategy to improve the speed and quality of rural development,and achieve common prosperity between urban and rural areas.This article takes Marx and Engels 'theory of urban-rural integration and Lewis' theory of dual economic structure as the theoretical basis,and uses historical analysis to study the urban-rural integration process in a time series and sorts out the urban-rural integration changes.Period(from the 1950s to before the reform and opening up),the period of strategic opportunity for the urban-rural dual system(reform and opening to the end of the 20th century),the strategic breakthrough period of the urban-rural dual system(beginning of the 21st century to the 19th National Congress),the urban-rural dual system The four historical stages of the strategic integration period of the system(since the 19th National Congress),using a combination of deduction and induction,focused on explaining the source of the policy theory of the urban-rural split,listed the obstacles of the urban-rural integration system mechanism,and aimed at the urban-rural integration development The key points and difficulties comprehensively put forward the direction and path selection of urban-rural integration development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban-rural interaction, Factor flow, Binary structure, Urban-rural integration, System Innovation
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