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Research On The Predicament And Countermeasures Of Non-Governmental Organizations Under Urban Community Constructing

Posted on:2012-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 80s of the 20th century, with urban economic reform, China's urban community-based services are becoming increasingly prominent, with the large number of "units " to "social ", a large number of the rural population began to flood the city which resulting in Social mobility, rapid population growth, population growth in major cities in the phenomenon, making the city China's traditional mode of social organization face the unprecedented challenges. How to promote community service functions of the government in the city's transformation and reform the urban management system, thus promoting the building of urban communities are important social development issues.My Government in promoting the standardization of construction and development community, the original should be borne by the Government of the transaction management and services are increasingly transferred to the civil society, from citizens of voluntary organizations, civil society organizations, called the service non-governmental organizations in the community. Community non-governmental organizations involved in community service, medical insurance, housing, education, etc., are the community groups need to give a variety of relief and help, while participating in social management, to resolve social conflicts, regulate social activities have played an irreplaceable role.The thesis of non-governmental organizations in the community building focus on issues facing the object of study, taking different from the previous strategy of a single research community, but first of all through the analysis of the non-governmental organizations in several existing community building in the typical Obstacles, summed up the concrete manifestation of these problems, so that these problems have causes. Finally, according to reality, according to China's national conditions and development policies proposed by the Government, from the government level and their level of non-governmental organizations, propose solutions to the specific approach to these issues, so for the future of non-governmental organizations in community building Further development of theoretical and practical guidance.Specific structure of paper is as follows:Firstly, the non-governmental organizations and community-related concepts introduced. First, a clear concept of non-governmental organizations and the position in our society, and then describes the construction of community roads and inherent characteristics. Then according to the characteristics of the research questions, select and introduce two appropriate research methods, methods described by the theoretical construct of this framework.Secondly taking three typical communities of the construction of the non-governmental organizations, and communities in Beijing "empty nesters" questionnaire, Yang Guan Shanghai Research Center of Community Youth Survey and the Suzhou City Xujiang community well-being Alliance, for example, Through these three typical community development Non-governmental organizations, the introduction, sum of the current Non-governmental organizations, community development, the general difficulties faced. And then it will describe the plight of each category so as to summarize the general of the plight and provide examples for the next step to analysis the reason of plight.Thirdly, this chapter is based on the analysis of the phenomenon difficult chapter to explore the reasons for the various difficulties. Analysis of the causes from the three major aspects: first, from endemic in our society described the development process, focusing on the relationship with the government; the second is from the "limited community" perspective, indicating the limited resources of the community on a variety of community building, non-governmental organizations constraints; three non-governmental organizations from the perspective of their own development, indicating that the defects inherent to their body-building impact. Through the introduction of these three areas, the basic cause can explain the reasons for the plight of all.Finally this paper based on the analysis of the plight of the reasons put forward appropriate improvement strategies. Clarify the mode of strategy in three aspects: First, from the non-governmental organizations improve working relations with other organizations, which focuses on the improvement strategy and government relations; second set from the perspective of community building, non-governmental organizations in the community to clarify mechanisms and System construction should be done; third building from starting their own non-governmental organizations, to submit their building in the community and their own tasks required to complete the required improvements.At last a summary of this article, this article describes the work done and yet to be perfected which is prepared for the next step of work and guidance. This paper has two innovations:1. Induction of the community development model summarizes several typical Non-governmental organizations, community development, facing common problems, rather than the analysis of a single community, the advantage is on issues of national development stand point, its experience for the future development of the national development policy throughout the country to provide factual basis.2. The solution for the problem of induction is also the overall situation, the policy proposed to solve the one hand, the policy approach to development in our country, so that the solution has a certain authority; on the other hand, in accordance with the requirements from practice, combined with our non-governmental Organization's own development path and development is put forward to solve for the characteristics of its own strategy to achieve the solution is reasonable.
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