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The Studay Of Mao Zedong Thought On Balancing Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2012-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Balancing urban and rural development, speeding up urbanization, and changing the urban-rural dual structure are the objective requirement of Chinese economical and social development and the historical inevitability of building a moderately prosperous society in all aespects. Countryside is the key point and difficult point of building a moderately prosperous society in all aespects. To balancing urban and rural development, we must implement the policy of agriculture nurishes industry and cities support contrysides, grufually change the urban-rural dual structure, speeding up the building of the new socialist countryside, concentrating on solving three agriculture problems, gradually narrowing the gap between urban and rural development, promoting rural economic and social development and form a new pattern of integrating economic and social development in urban and rural areas.In the period of founding and exploring socialist construction, Mao Zedong had many penetrating arguments on balancing urban and rural development, and formed Mao Zedong's thought on balancing urban and rutal development:agriculture is the foundation of national economy; cities should support countysides and industry shoul support agriculture; the relationship of agriculture, light industry and weight industry should be dealt with correctly and national economical plan should be arraged as the sequence of agriculture, light industry and weight industry; farmers' interests should be attached great importance; countryside education should be developed. Reviewing Mao Zedong's thougt about balancing urban and rural development has important instructive significance to constructing socialist new countrysides, building a moderately prosperous society in all aespects and building a harmonious socialist society nowsdays.Chapter one:this part describes the formation and development of Mao zedong' thought.t Mao zedong's thoughts on balancing urban and rural development was described from the theoretical background, historical background, and historical conditions in detail.Chapter two:this section is the key, the article mainly describes the contents of Mao zedong's thoughts on balancing urban and rural development.this chapter is divided into five parts:the national economy should be based on agriculture as the foundation; Correctly handle the relationship of agriculture and industrial.Strengthen economic exchanges of urban and rural,realizing urban support rural, noticing on the interests of farmers,the development of rural education and health programs. Through the five parts, Mao zedong's thought was embodied completely.Chapter three:this part describes practice and theoretical significance of Mao zedong's thoughts on balancing urban and rural development. from theoretical angle not only enrich the theory of Marx and Engels,but also laid a theoretical basis for the Chinese communist party. From practice angle not only ensured the victory in the new-democratic revolution, also laid the foundation for the modernization construction, and to a certain extent, promoted agriculture and rural development.Chapter four:according to the specific content of zedong's thoughts on balancing urban and rural development,this part describes enlightenment. This part combines five aspects:always value the foundation of agricultural as the national economy, Implement of industry supporting agriculture and cities supporting the countryside development strategy; Implement to urbanize,support peasants' legal interests, maintain Actively promote the reform of rural education health undertakings.
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