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On Legal Construction Of The Integration Of Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2012-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335970179Subject:Economic Law
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China is in a transitional period now, new social development patterns and mechanism are reconstructing.In the transformation of Urban-rural dual society to the integration of urban and rural areas, "the dual economic structure " is the bottleneck of the development of urban and rural integration, restricted China's social and economic sustainable development. What kind of legal system we needs in the construction of urban and rural integration? how to construct the integration of urban and rural areas suitable for legal safeguard mechanism? On the analysis on the basis of urban-rural dual structure,in this paper from four aspects to elaborate construction of urban and rural integration legal system of protection system.. The text is divided into three parts, its logical structure and specific content as follows:The first part is dual society and its legal status, Firstly, Explaining the origin of the dual social structure,analysing the evolution of n process of the dual social and finally summaried its legal status.The second part is the integration of urban and rural areas and legal requirements, explaining the integration of urban and rural areas the connotation, features, analysing what restrict the integration of urban and rural area, and so Leading the needs of the legal system of urban and rural integration.The third part is the content of the urban and rural integration with legal system construction, which is the key of the test. Mainly from constructing urban and rural unified household management system, and promoting the legal construction land system reform, integration of city and countryside financial legal system construction and urban and rural integration old-age security system legal construction to explain what legal system our country involved in constructing the integration of urban and rural areas of legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:transformation social, dual economic structure of urban and rural areas, urban-rural integration, legal system construction
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