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Study Of Chinese Urban And Rural Economic Restructuring

Posted on:2006-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360155469455Subject:National Economics
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The 16th National Congress of CPC has describe the grand blueprint of building the well-off society in an all-round way. Coordinating economic development is not only an important strategy of economic development of the rural area but also a necessary choice of the urban development ,which is a breakthrough understanding of the great law of the reform and opening up and modernization construction. However, for a long time, the non- balanced development problem in urban and rural areas in our country is very outstanding. Development isolating relatively , the relatively large disparity between countryside and city ,Dual Economy structure between urban and rural areas becomes great obstacles to develop further. Therefore, adjusting the Dual economy structure between urban and rural areas of our country, coordinating the development of the city and countryside, combinating two sides organic ,forming one resultant force is an important subject that theory and practice face at present.The article begins with definition of dual economy between urban and rural areas , analyzes concrete behavior of economic structure and summarize developing character in detail .Then it analyzes thoroughly historical origin and reasons strengthening further , from technological progress and income distribution aspect transmits method with effective demand restrain. At last, it put forward goal mode and suggestion , explain principles and relations during transition of dual economy from dynamic angle. This text is divided into six chapters altogether:Chapter one describes the meaning of selected title , study domestic and international dual economy theory and research , analyse the research approach of this text briefly , propose the innovation of this text and study the place hopeful to break through further.Chapter two define the concept of the economic structure of dual economy between urban and rural areas at first, then make analysis behavior of economic structure from the income, consumption , social security , compulsory education , other public offeringof product etc, sum up two development characteristic of economic structure in urban and rural areas.Chapter three review the historic origin of dual economy and analyze dual economy since the found of our country, finding out three main reason : developing strategy, economic system and focusing on urban development.Chapter four analyzes the method of dual economy transition. At first, the text consume concept and then summarize the frame of analysis. Finally, it analyzes transition method from technological progress and income distribution aspect with effective demand restrain.Chapter five put forward dual economy transition goal mode, principles, method and relation needed dealing with. Chapter six is a conclusion of this text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dual economy structure between urban and rural areas, Transition, Integration of urban and rural areas
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