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A Study On The Issue Of The Retired Leading Cadres' Employment In The Non-Governmental Organizations

Posted on:2010-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330338982272Subject:Public Management
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Along with the development of market economy and the further proceeding of political reform, China's non-governmental organizations expand rapidly,whose great impact followed sweeps through the political, economical and cultural domains. The fast spreading of the non-governmental organizations leads to one specific phenomenon that, as it were, an ever-increasing number of the retired leading cadres who are now on the main posts of these non-governmental organizations, have exerted their previous influence, resources, power and organizational abilities to further the maturity of the non-governmental organizations. No doubt, they also contribute a lot to the advancement of the public services. However, owing to the stereotype of their working patterns,the conflicts between the individual and the public interest, power's rent-seeking and other sophisticated factors, some negative effects inevitably occur.This essay begins with the brief introduction of the basic theories concerning the non-governmental organizations, human resources management, the conflicts of interest and the power's rent-seeking, and then analysize the advantages and the disadvantages brought by the retired leaders. The questionnaire survey is also conducted to obtain the first-hand proposals and opinions from public about the issue of the leading cadres'employment in the non-governmental organizations after their retirement.Based on the collected information, this study tries to seek the root causes that attribute to the rising of these problems mentioned above. In sum, there are five elements illustrated here: the authority seeking and the conflicts of the respective interest have led to the corruption; China's legislation involving the non-governmental organizations'construction is now far away from perfectness; human resources of the non-governmental organizations are distributed improperly; the internal surroundings lack such an effective supervising mechanism in this field; there exists"the worship complex"in China due to the long-term backwardness.Discussing from the origin , when considering the non-governmental organizations' present situation and the balance of respective benefits, the writer intends to prove that the benefits of the retired leaders'reemployment in the non-governmental organizations overwhelm its deficiencies, and as a result, proposes strongly that this phenomenon be supported in view of the current tendency, but should dodge the possible risk simultaneously. This article focuses on the following five aspects such as the legal construction, the moral reconstruction and the supervising system construction, the self-improvement of the non-governmental organizations and the creation of satisfactory environment ect. With regards to the dealing of the correlative issues, it will provide the relevant departments with the methods to prompt the fulfiling of the positive roles of the leading cadres in the non-governmental organizations, as well as the further study on the standardization of their behaviors and the risks which may appear during the operation.
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