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Study On The Mechanism Of Normal Exit Leading Cadres

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425473439Subject:Public Management
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Cadre of normal withdrawal mechanism is an important part of the personnel management system, plays an important role in the administration of cadres in party and government organs, directly affects the flow of the talents. The management s ystem of civil servants has so far, the exchange from the examination, employmen t training, management measures are gradually improve, but the cadres exit mechanis m is lagging behind, not to adapt to the development of society, the impact of this problem is gradually highlights, restricts the long-term development of the civil serv ice. Based on this, the author as a member of the civil service, the normal exit mec hanism on how to establish and improve the leading cadres, cadres to maintain vitali ty of. The collected data, special study withdrawal system of cadres and rare. Even in some literature is mentioned, is also discussed in the supplementary sections, not to w ithdraw from the system as a whole from the perspective of law cadres, lack of integ rity.In this paper, the main use of the writing theory analysis, literature research and comparative analysis of law. The reference data and the related viewpoint comes m ainly from the library, network, file and related books, papers. The withdraw alsystem of civil servants in China Development and reform direction of dual theory of long itudinal and transverse, longitudinal mainly combs along the leading cadres in Chin a from the establishment of the mechanism and development of time sequence of li ne, and the lateral is the objective analysis of exit mechanism reference approach is r elatively mature countries and regions.This paper introduces the related basic theory research status and the leading ca dres of domestic related domain exits normally, and the deep reasons and the existin g problems of current our country exit mechanism cadre achievements are describe d; pertinently introduces system and out of the United States of America civil servic e reform of Hongkong accountability system, objective analysis of these practices rel ative developed countries and regions in the withdrawal from the civil service syste m development experience. According to the current situation in China, put forward t hrough the establishment of "the age of exit mechanism,"accountability" exit mech anism,"voluntary" exit mechanism several exit form to further strengthen our cadres e xit system. At the end of the article esummarizes the shortcomings of writing, but a lso show that the personal point of view, will exit mechanism that leading cadres wil1be further improved with the reform of China’s political and economic system.
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