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The Research Of Development Of The "New Urban-Rural Integration Communities" Women's Organizations In Haiyan, Zhejiang

Posted on:2012-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338999939Subject:Public Management
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With the accelerating process of urban and rural integration in China, a large number of farmers to achieve transfer of non-agricultural employment, large numbers of rural population are centralized to modern new towns and new urban-rural integration communities, rural social structure and lifestyle of farmers experienced an unprecedented deep change, the traditional organization system and the governance structure have been broken. The rural women in original villages as a unit of household were changed to " new urban-rural integration communities " as a unit of cross-group, or even across town, across the village gathering, the women that originally a village or a group live to different new communities or new towns according to different selection.Through the research of development of the new urban-rural integration communities's women organizations in haiyan, zhejiang, the new problems and new challenges of the development of women's organizations in the process of urbanization in the rural social structure changes were investigated. According to the analysis, we can obtain that as new urban-rural integration communities's women organizations and lifestyle changes, resulting in women's needs change and new urban-rural integration communities's women organizations in the organizational goals, building way, the functions of playing and many other aspects need to make corresponding change adjustments to effectively assist rural women in the great change in the maintenance of their legal rights, and to adapt to the peasants's citizenship of life, to integrate into urban society.In this paper, based on the features of the development of non-governmental organizations, voluntary failure theory, goal setting theory, and etc, drew from the way of goal incentive of women organizations in the United States, and the successful experience of women organizations project in Shenzhen community, referenced form the research results developping in domestic and international women organizations, started from the point of practical operation, the countermeasures for new urban-rural integration communities's women organizations of haiyan in the formation, management, operational security, and other aspects were put forward. In this way, useful references were provided for the development of the Women organizations in the in the process of urban and rural integration all over the country.
Keywords/Search Tags:third sector management, women's organizations, the new urban-rural integration communities, developping strategy
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