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Study On Land Use Changes And Their Driving Forces In Conghua City Of Guangdong

Posted on:2006-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152990660Subject:Physical geography
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Land Use/Land Cover Change (LUCC) has become the center of the study of global changes and the study of the driving mechanism of LUCC is becoming one of the focuses on this subject.The studied area is Conghua city in the suburb of Guangzhou. Analysis of the present land use in Conghua is firstly carried out. This part emphatically analyzes the present land use and the land use mode. Then, ensues the study on the land use dynamic change in Conghua city based on the alteration data of land use form 1980 to 2000, this part respectively analyzes the area (include range and speed), degree and space changes of land use in Conghua during the 20 years. Finally comes the analysis of the driving factors. This part applys multivariate statistical analysis to analyze the main driving forces and driving mechanism of land use change based on the soc— economical statistic data during 1980 to 2000.Through the above analysis, the article draws the following meaningful conclusions:1 In 2000, the areas of forest, cultivated land and garden land are relatively large in Conghua, among them forest land is biggest, accounting for 66.02% of land total area of the district. Furthermore, the areas of 8 kinds of land use pattern distribute unevenly in all the towns and farms, and the difference is obvious.2 Form 1980 to 2000, land use of Conghua take place the change by a large margin, displaying in the following several points concretely: the areas of cultivated land, forest land and unused land decrease, among them unused land is reduced most at an average variety rate 3.29% each year and this tendency had been kept form 1980 to 2000. The rest five kinds of land use pattern increase, during the 20 years the area of garden land increases mostly with a biggest variety speed. The year variety rate of garden land amounts to 12.08%, showing on time to reduce after increasing with time.3 During the 20 years, land use synthesis index of Conghua increases from 217.8493 to 231.5348, and the land use degree variety measure (ALb-a) is 13.6855. Land use degree variety rate is larger than Zero(R>0), showing the land use degree of Conghua is in a condition of development period and obviously elevated with a development trend. Compared with whole city, the land use degree of each town and farm of Conghua exsits in obvious difference. The variety of land use synthesis degree of the Jiekou town is biggest, with a quickest speed, while the minimum is Dongming town in the north of Conghua.4 There are obvious regional differences of 8 kinds of land use pattern in Conghua, among them unused land is the minimum one, while the forest land is the maximum. The biggest district in relative variety of cultivated land is Dalingshan Forest Farm, and the obviousest variety of garden land is in Liangkou town. Jiekou town and Lvtian town are biggest in relative variety respectively in forest land and water areas. The biggest districts in relative variety in city and rural residential and independent industrial and mining, transportation and water conservancy building are respectively Chengjiao town, Dalingshan Forest Farm and Dongming town, and Aotou town is the biggest in relative variety of unused land.5 Based on the analysis of land use change and main driving forces, an index system representing land use change and main driving forces is submitted. The correlation between factors and land use change is discussed and multivariable regression model is set up. By means of standardized regression coefficient of the model, impact of main driving forces on cultivated land change is analyzed quantitatively. The results show that: The main driving forces of land use change of Conghua city are the ratio of unagriculture Economy, unit area of the total motive of farm machinery, the ratio of agricultural proportion and the output of "three birdses" in the whole year. Therefore, the paper reveals the mechanism of land use change of Conghua, and also contributes to accumulate the methods and experiences in study of land use in the future.
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