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Study On The Established Pattern Of Employer In The Course Of Construction Of China's Water Project

Posted on:2006-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182471063Subject:Public Management
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Reforming the construction management mechanism of water resources project is an urgent need to transform the government functions and is necessary to further improve the management of project construction, increase the investment return, prevent duty corruption, and enhance the government's credit standing in the society. Attaching importance to studying the project corporation system in construction of water resources project is conducive to promote the comprehensive reform of the construction management mechanism of water resources project. This paper, through methods of document studying, informal discussion, typical individual case analysis, and comparison analysis, gives an overall analysis on the current situation of project corporation system in water resources construction. Besides, it provides several modes of project corporation system that suit to the conditions of construction management of water resources project in China, which lays a foundation for perfecting laws and regulations relevant to project corporation system by government departments.Currently when forming a project corporation system, the relationship of the project instead of its nature is taken into consideration. The paper believes that it is why there exist so many problems in China's current corporation system in water resources construction. Starting with the analysis on the nature of project with reference on relevant theories of public products and reforms in other industries, the paper puts forward a concept of reform that suits to the corporation of water resources construction.It believes that the reform of corporation of water resources construction falls into the following groups based on the nature of the project: public-, quasi-public-, and economy-oriented. In a public-oriented project, a corporation system with the nature of public institution can be established and a professional path can be taken. A marketization mode can be taken for small-scaled projects so as to fulfill the construction assignments through market behaviors. For economy-oriented projects, enterprise-moded management should be implemented. There are two options for quasi-public projects. A project with economic benefit as its main purpose can be managed in reference to practices of operation-oriented projects. In a project with social effect as its main purpose, the government can offer various kinds of incentives to attract market resources and take up a path of marketization. If the market fails, the government should take up the responsibility and an agent management mechanism should be considered.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water Resources Project, Project Corporation, Organization, Agent Management Mechanism
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