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After Cancellation Agricultural Tax Villages And Towns System Construction Discussion

Posted on:2007-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182988366Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Cancel agricultural taxes, the reform in China's rural areas has entered a crucial stage, the "three agricultural problems" as a multidimensional and complex issues group, not limited to the economic field to address, and from the institutional perspective necessary to enable the township system and the goal of building a new socialist rural compatible. Maintaining social and political stability of the rural agricultural tax elimination, consolidation of rural grass-roots political power, lightening their burden, increase the income of peasants and play a significant role, but the abolition of the agricultural tax, a shortage of financial and social problems. To be removed from this analysis of the causes and significance of the agricultural tax, the abolition of agricultural tax on analysis of the impact on the rural community, resulting in tax reform compel reform conclusions. On this basis, the removal of agricultural tax and institutional building after a preliminary exploration of how to cancel the agricultural tax and institution-building to provide information on.The present paper altogether divides three parts. First chapter to cancel the agricultural tax the reason and the significance has made the analysis. Second chapter elaborated the cancellation agricultural tax to our country village society's influence, has had a series of questions, such as the financial puzzle, the function transform, the farmer additionally receives, as well as land question and so on, from this draws the conclusion: After cancellation agricultural tax, villages and towns organizational reform not only essential, moreover is urgent. Third chapter after will cancel the agricultural tax the villages and towns system future to move towards with the short-term system construction has carried on the preliminary discussion. First unifies the domestic and foreign villages and town system construction the experience with our country realistic national condition, after presented the cancellationagricultural tax villages and town system construction future way: Villages and towns autonomous. How next also will solve the concrete problem after the near future which the cancellation agricultural tax the villages and towns faced to carry on System design: Like consummates the villages and towns finance system, develops the place economy vigorously, simplifies administration with the personnel, enlarges to the villages and towns shift payment dynamics, deals with the villages and towns finance debt issue properly, cultivates many Yuan supplies main body speeds up the countryside public product supplies system vicissitude.
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