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On Chinese Villages And Towns Reform Of Administrative System

Posted on:2009-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245998788Subject:Public Management
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The key resolving the Chinese problem still is the problem resolving rural area and the peasant. The most fundamental base of enriching people and powering country still is in rural area and the peasant, but problem of rural area and peasant's deep arrangement is in rural area political crisis then. The main body of my thesis is aiming to analyze the merits and demerits of current Chinese villages and towns management system detailedly and put particular emphasis on analyzing it's defect, summing up by: Villages and towns financial is deficient; powers of office and authority , financial rights are not reciprocal , the public product supplies are distributed with a dissimilation, the mechanism in protecting peasants harmoniously is faulty.In the research to system defect, I wielded a little new method and concept, such as dissimilation of public product supply. I also led into demonstration contrast analysis method to study current Chinese villages and towns mechanism carefully.I am based on modern common administration theory and suggest the trend of villages and towns administration system, that is: Reinforcing the building of villages and towns political power, reassigning common authority , down-moving common authority, down-moving the public product supplying, guiding rural area to develop with the strong power government and providing the basis guarantee for being prosperous and powerful.
Keywords/Search Tags:villages and towns administration, the public product, the institutional reform, strengthen the government function
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