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Research About Several Problems Of Villages And Towns Reform In Hubei Province

Posted on:2017-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330509952168Subject:Political Theory
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Hubei province is the country take the lead in promoting to the rural comprehensive reform for content of villages and towns reform. Comprehensively promote township institutional reform as the main content, focusing on changing the function of township agencies for the comprehensive reform of villages and towns, is after the reform of taxes and fees, in order to deal with the burden on farmers rebound, reduce financial burden of township institutions, and the major strategic measures to solve the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers in Hubei. Hubei province villages and towns reform involves four aspects, respectively is reform, reform of township enterprises, township administrative authority " to keep things " new public service institution and the financial management system reform. Pro bono functions provided by the government to buy, contract management, business activities into the market; The emphases and difficulties to reform is to solve " where money comes from, where to go, " how do public welfare undertakings ", "how to consolidate the reform results." Hubei villages and towns reform, especially the new public service system to construct the modern market economy development request and innovation of the social mechanism of rural public service system,. From the macroscopic, overall, Hubei rural comprehensive reform to promote the villages and towns system of Hubei province in the transformation of system, mechanism, promote the modernization of the villages and towns system of modernization and ability.Hubei province township system operation, to further deepen the reform will inevitably face the following problems, difficulties and challenges, difficulties in the transformation of the government functions, universal characteristics of the government is still; Prepare the Settings are rigid, difficult to meet the need of reality; Rural marketization, socialization, public service system construction is still a long way; Township governance mode is difficult to adapt to the requirement of integration of urban and rural development strategy; Hubei province township institutions of governance ability to speed up the pace of modernization. The third plenary session of the 18 "decision on reform of the comprehensively deepen the analysis of the government reform and related ideas, deepen the reform of villages and towns system is our theoretical basis; In addition, according to the hubei province since the implementation of rural comprehensive reform of prominent problems, must think we will deepen reform of the villages and towns system of ideas and specific countermeasures, and promote the modernization of the villages and towns management system modernization and management ability: the township government building is directly oriented "public service" of the "three rural issues" grassroots government; The relationship between governance, reshape the township governance structure; Scientific division of villages and towns types; To further build and perfect the socialization, marketization "to keep things" the rural public service system construction, efforts to improve its service ability; Committed to the economically developed town with strong town expansion; Take strong measures to improve the fiscal capacity of township agencies and public management ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:The villages and towns reform, The villages and towns function change, Township governance ability, The integration of urban and rural areas
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