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On The Construction Of Pubulic-Service Government

Posted on:2006-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182995197Subject:Administrative Management
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With the implementation of the reform and opening policy since 1978,China society as a whole has undergone fundamental transformation,with economic system transiferring form plan economy to socialist market economy ,social economic form from traiditional agricultural society to modern industrial society ,the whole society from closed to open .In order to adapt to the changed social demand,from the year 1980,Chinese government has undertaken five large-scale instituonal reforms with significant effect.Yet a close analysis will show that these reforms ,especially the first three ,have no profound research on government theory, since each of them is merely a tackling of pressures from finance,structure, staff, bureaucracy,and is lack of initiative and fresight Focus of these reforms is on the regulation of structure and staff,giving us the impression of being still the plan economy, that government reform seemed simply simplifying administration and reducing staff , with no fundamental progress.Therefore, a strange phenomenon emerged that the more reform ,the more cumbersome the institution and the more staff .Institutional reform wanders within the circle of "simplifying—cumbersome—resimplifying—cumbersome again",so that government administration is still low in efficiency and staff has an insufficient sense of service.With the establishment of socialist market economy and the rapid development of our economy and the constant improvement of people's public demand is also on the rise ,causing the inappropriateness of the previous public service systerm. Especially after the entrance of China to WTO ,administrative reform is confronted with urgent task of transforming the government function . In addition ,with the all—round transformation of economy and society ,people inceasingly need the government to provide them basic and ensured public product and efficient public management and service .According to the experience in the course of development of developed countries ,if per capita GDP is beyond 1000 dollars,there will be fundamental change in consuming structure ,people paying more attention to enriching strcture ,people paying more attention to enriching their life ,improving the uality of their life and living environment . They have higher and more demands on the public service funstion of the government ,and expect the government to be...
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