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Research On The Problem Of Public Paticipation In The Construction Of Servicing Government

Posted on:2011-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395958006Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the1980s, with the development of the new public administration movement, the transformation of government function and the administrative idea, the Service-oriented government’s construction has become the target of government reforms in the world. In the new public administration’s numerous ideas, the service idea is in accordance with the administrative culture of "wholehearted service to the people" emphasized by china, thus chinese scholars attach most importance to it. Since2001, because of accession to WTO, SARS crisis, the problem of local disparity expanding with our social development, the unemployment, serious absence of the social security, corruption and so on impact the mode of government administration, theoretical study on Service-oriented government has become the hot spot in public administration theorists. The Service-oriented government is a new administration mode of government, stressing that take serving for the citizen as the guidance, transform the mode of government from the sole government to the cooperation of the government, the citizen and society, let the citizen participate in the public government. During the Service-oriented government’s construction, we must propel citizen’s positive participation, it is the basic way for government administration gradually achieving the public service goal.This article takes the discussion how to orderly participate in the construction of Service-oriented government for the citizen to be the key point, starting from the connotation, the characteristic and the significance of the Service-oriented government and the citizen paticipation and so on, to analyze the necessity and the possibility why the citizen should paticipate in the construction of the Service-oriented government, then elaborating the important meaning of public participation from the angle of the construction of Service-oriented government; Next carrying on the detailed analysis on the overall present situation to our country citizen’paticipation, both has affirmed achievements, and analyzes the existed problems in our country citizen paticipation, mainly from several angles for example the whole participation level, the participation initiative, the participation potency, the participation ordering and so on, based on this, to find out the reason why present citizen paticipation is insufficient in our country from the aspects of imbalance of economic development in our country, system insufficiency, impeded channel as well as the cultural atmosphere flaw for public participation and so on; finally aims at these problems, based on the profits getting from the research achivement of domestic and foreign scholars, summarized some suggestion for solving the insufficient problem of citizen participate in our country life, and strengthening order public participation in the construction of Service--oriented government in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public participation, Service-oriented government, Governmental administrativemode
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