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Study On Sino-Japanese Relations Under Japan Asia-Pacific Strategy In New Period

Posted on:2017-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485467823Subject:History of international relations
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In recent years, the rapid rise of China and the relative decline of the United States makes the power structure in the Asia Pacific region has undergone new changes, this change is the result of long-term interaction between China, the United States, Japan, those Asia Pacific countries. As the great power in the Asia-Pacific region, China and Japan are facing the contradiction of "power transition". In the Asia-Pacific region, China’s significant momentum constitutes a serious threat to dominant position of Japan.Japan to maintain the dominant position in the Asia Pacific region, Unified the United States and ASEAN countries Containment to China, and continue to make breakthroughs postwar "peace regime" compete for dominance in the Asia Pacific region. Japan fight for the Asia Pacific powe will be what kind of great power, whether it will be the military power, it is not only the matter of Japan’s own destiny, but also closely linked with the development of the Asia Pacific international relations. To study the development process and the concrete implementation situation of Japan’s Asia Pacific diplomatic strategy, which has great reference value to our country’s development of Japan policy.This paper theoretically analyzes the basis of Japanese Asia-Pacific diplomatic strategy, The thinking of Japan’s national strategy always based on realism, "nationalism" is the center of Japan’s foreign relations. from this point of view, Japan depends on the United States, by maintaining a close alliance with the United States to strengthen Japan play an important role in international affairs. Secondly, this paper analysis the transformation from Democratic Party to the Liberal Democratic Party’s in Asian-Pacific diplomacy strategy, carried out that the Japanese politics has formed a height of the consensus in the awareness of current Asia-Pacific situation, the concept of policy, etc.Japan attempt to depend on the US-Japan alliance to strengthen connecting with Asia-Pacific countries in military field, to encircle China in strategic. And Japan based on the " National Defense Program Guideline", "defense white paper" and other official text to develp dynamic strategy. Japan actively to strengthen its defense capability, improve the SDF mobility and rapid reaction capability, actively prepare to cope with the possible "affair". During this period, Japan also with the United States to further strengthen the military alliance, extended the alliance system and deepen the mutual defense cooperation. In addition, Japan is positively seeking cooperation with Asia Pacific countries in the military and security field, particularly emphasis on establish close contact with countries which conflict with China in the Pacific ocean, to undermine China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region. At the end of this paper, author analyzed the characteristics of the current Sino-Japanese relations. Based on the results of this analysis give some advice for China to deal with Japan’s Asia-Pacific diplomacy strategy.The importance of Sino-Japanese relations determined we must pay close attention to Japan’s diplomatic strategy in time. China has a full understanding and psychological preparation for Japan to become a political power, but China does not want to see that Japan is on the way towards a political power accompanied by repress and containment to China. China would like to see Japan to be a non-aggressive and with a not threatening way to become a political power, rather than by U.S.-Japan alliance breaking the peace constitution to strengthen its military power, nor took the opportunity to provoke China and the surrounding countries, territories and territorial waters of contradictions, creating a war in the East China Sea and the waters of the Diaoyu Islands tensions. The benefits of cooperation between China and Japan are far greater than the losses caused by the conflict between the two countries. By expanding the mutual national interests in the process of communication, efforts to reduce the different interests to damage relations between the two countries; through the establishment of a multilateral security mechanism, and admit the principle of " multilateral takes precedence over bilateral and region takes precedence over bilateral ", to promote multilateral regional cooperation together; Pay attention to the influence of the American factors in the development of Sino-Japan relationship; Balance China, Japan, America triangle relationship; Strengthen cooperation with Japan, enhance mutual trust, and expand common interests between China and Japan;and enhance non-governmental interactions, to promote public official, enhance the social basis of bilateral development; and also hope that Japan can seriously reflect history, do not appear repeatedly in the issue of comfort women, the Nanjing massacre and visited the Diaoyu Islands. Clearing the way for a deadlock in Sino-Japanese Relations, to create a bright future for China-Japan relations.
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