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Study Of The Democracy Development Within The Party: The Key To Strengthen The Construction Of CPC's Governance Ability

Posted on:2007-10-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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This article is combined by introduction and four chapters of fundamentalcontents. The thesis comprehensively utilizes the method of combining history andreality, theory and practice, aims at developing within-party democracy, and promotesCPC's governance ability according to fundamental theory of Marxist historicmaterialism and also the theories of politics and economics, etc. In the new century, inorder to fatherly carry through Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important "ThreeRepresentatives" thinking, to realize the importantly strategic decision-making andthe construction of socialistic democratic politics, developing people's democracy isthe constant objective CPC struggles for.The word "Democracy" originates in Greece, and is combined by the words"demoe" and "kratos". At the time CPC set up, its name is translated into Chinese as"de mo ke la xi", which is abbreviated as "De Sir". The concept of Democracy isintroduced from the western world and it is first seen in the book History by thefamous historian Wekipedia in the old Greece. Seeing from the original meaning ofGreek language, "Democracy" means "people's right", or "father and govern byrepresentatives selected directly by the people through zoning". In our country'shistory, the word "Democracy" emerged early before three thousand years. Shangshu.Duofang cited the words of Duke Zhou: the god choose the wise emperor for thepeople according to the current situation, and also "only Shangtang could use theintelligent of all kinds to substitute Xiajie as the people's emperor", which isshortened as Xia as "Democracy". However, the Democracy here means the emperorof all people and supporting all people, and in our country, "Democracy" isunderstood as people's right and people's governance not until the modern times sinceCPC's set up.Democracy is a concept with fairly comprehensive meaning. It is not only apolitical issue, but also an economic, cultural and social issue;not only an ideal issue,but also a actually practical issue. However, from the word's origination and itsoriginal meaning, it means a form of political system at the beginning. Maxismdemocratic ideals consider Democracy as a kind of state status, state form, stateregime and the principle of organization and activities, whose essence is the politicalgovernance of one class. Max and Engels put forward that set up "a kind of new statesystem" as animadvert Hegel's view of political conservatism of constitutionalmonarchy, which should "actually express the people's purpose", actualize thepeople's sovereignty and people's democracy. Since the set up of CPC, it insists onpeople's democracy, the combination of the constitution and regime with the conceptthat the people as the emperor, and insists to develop the way of people's democracyaccording to the people's democratic dictatorship theory.The central leading collectivity centering on Hu Jintao General Secretary holdhigh the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory,carry forward our cause into thefuture , fatherly enrich and develop the socialistic democratic view ofMarxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the importantthinking of "Three representatives", and also enrich and develop the democratic idealsof CPC members. Our country is a socialist country led by CPC and our democracy issocialistic democracy. the essential of CPC's political leadings hip is people as theemperor, is to lead and support the people to grasp and execute the right to govern thestate affair, economic and cultural cause and social affair through the people'scongress;and to carry out democratic voting, democratic decision-making, democraticgovernance and democratic supervising, and to ensure the people to take thecomprehensive right and freedom by law with respect and human right. Our socialisticdemocratic system embodies the most comprehensive people's democracy, which bestsuits our state status and has extremely big superiority.Chapter one combs and studies on the related within-party experiences andlessons of international communism activities from the view ofMarxism-Engels-Leninism theory and practices, which provides a comparatively cleartheoretical basis for the following issues. Seen from the history of internationalcommunism in the 20th century, the reign history of the Communist Party is about 90years, and CPC is also about 57 years, during which it accumulates not only thevaluable experiences of within-party democratic development, but also the painfullessons. To study on the up-to-date issue of developing within-party democracy inChina, it is should face the world and future to conclude the related within-partyexperiences and lessons of international communism. From the flashback of thehistory of international communism, the Soviet after the October Revolution and thesocialistic states in Europe, Asia and Latin America after the Second War all processtheir socialistic democratic construction practices one after another, and also made bigmistakes of different levels, which finally lead to the Soviet and Eastern Europe'srevulsion. Thus, from the view of Marxism-Engels-Leninism theory and practices, toconclude carefully the experiences and lessons of socialistic democratic constructionwhich involves within-party democratic construction in the international communismactivities do have great significance for the political construction of our socialisticdemocracy and the within-party democratic construction.Chapter two concludes resumptively the historic experiences and lessons ofCPC's democratic construction, which provides the historic references for thedevelopment of within-party democracy and people's democracy in the new century.Ever since the birth of CPC, it sets objective to actualize China's independence,unification, wealthy, democracy and civilization. In the aspect of democratic politicalconstruction, the Party once execute "War-time Democracy" in the Yanan time toseize the success of revolution war;at the early of the establishment of the new China,it constructed the theory of people's democratic dictatorship;during the 20 years afterthe establishment of the socialistic system, it execute the way to "motivate to join indemocracy" by the mass activities;after the reform and opening up, the democraticpolitics of our country entered into the legally enforcing stage steadily. CPC, as theministerial party, since it has more than 70 million members and rigorous organizationsystem now, how the democracy within the party is going to impact directly the wholenation's democratic politics' development. After the establishment of our country, theexperiences and lessons of both sides indicates that the socialistic democratic politicsactualizes well when the democracy flourishes within the party;on the contrast, if thedemocracy within the party is destroyed, and the socialistic democratic politics wouldbe destroyed. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, thedemocratic construction within the party creates the ultimate insurances for thedevelopment of the socialistic democratic politics, to impel the people's democracy bywithin-party democracy and become a feasible and effective way to developsocialistic democratic politics. To conclude the experiences and lessons of CPC'sdemocratic construction is especially important and essential for us to scientificallyunderstand the development of democracy within the party and to impel thedevelopment of within-party democracy in practice.Chapter three makes thinking on the countermeasures for development withinCPC in the new century. The international trend is complex and changeable, whichdemand high on our party's reigning ability and leading level. We could go on tostrive for the longer time of international peaceful environment, and also moreexternal resources and conditions to be utilized. However, the territory and scale ofinternational competition is enlarging, the level of competition is fiercer. Especiallyafter the establishment of tight communication between China and the world, it wouldface more game on the world's stage. This need our party to have the capability toreign the whole trend, commands the overall situation, devise strategies within acommand tent, and to establish the socialism with Chinese features in the interactionbetween China and the world.Chapter four combines that the core issue of socialistic politics development is todevelop democracy within the party and the party should lead people to develop thepeople's democracy according to the theoretical analysis in Chapter Three to analyzethat the construction of socialistic democratic politics is a historic process in steadydeveloping, which must start from our country's status and undeviatingly choose thepolitical development made out by CPC and Chinese people. To Adhere to the FourCardinal Principles,insist to promote methodically, orderly and steadily under theleadership of the Party. Our party should actively explore the rule of politicalconstruction of socialistic democracy in the practice of leading, supporting andensuring the people as the emperor, and promote incessantly the capability ofdeveloping socialistic democratic politics and impel the socialism career with Chinesefeatures. Our party is a political party of Marxism, is the pioneer of China's workingclass and also the pioneer of Chinese people and Chinese nationality, and also theleading center of constructing the socialistic career with Chinese features. To serve thepeople wholeheartedly is the fundamental goal of our party, which decides the mostessential content of the party's leadership, that is, to organize and support people asthe emperor, to ensure all people take the comprehensive right by law, includingtaking the right to govern state affair, economic and cultural career and social affairsby law;executing the right of democratic voting, democratic decision-making,democratic supervising. Our part originates in people, roots in people and serves forthe people.
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