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The Reform Of China's Administrative Examination And Approval System After The Implementation Of Administrative Permission Law

Posted on:2006-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Administrative examination and approval is one of the governing tools with which a government manages the economic and social affairs of a nation. Now, our state has more than one hundred laws and administrative regulations which regulate items of administrative examination and approval. All these form a huge system, involving defendant, diplomacy, public security, economy, city management, hygiene, education etc. With the development of our socialism market-oriented economy and becoming the member of WTO, the contradiction between the original administrative examination and approval system and social development is more and more outstanding. Although the Party Central Committee and State Council pay great attention to it and take all kinds of actions, it is still a long, step by step way to go that administrative examination and approval system suits the developing demands of socialism market-oriented economy completely. We saw the hope when《Administrative Permission Law》put into effect. But the law can't solve all the problems. And the power of reform is not enough as it is staying low-level, not effective and low quality. Taking about question into account, this article analyze the malpractice resulting form administrative examination and approval system and the reasons. At last, it raises the reforming ideas basing on it .The article includes three parts:First, it expounds some concepts about administrative examination and approval system. It quotes different comprehends with the implication of administrative examination and approval in theory and existing forms. It also analyzes the functions of administrative examination and approval from the point view of ineffective market and reviews the developing history of reform in our country. Then, we can have a clear idea about administrative examination and approval.Second, from the point view of ineffective government, it analyzes the malpractice resulting from administrative examination and approval and reasons. Because our administrative examination and approval is lacking law supporting , perfecting supervisory system and transparency. It has too more kinds, too broad range, too strong power. It not only hinders market-oriented economy development, but also adds social costs and causes corrupt. There are many factors in it, such as old system inertia, government interest, backward system, unchanging government...
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative examination and approval, 《Administrative Permission Law》, administrative reform
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