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Our Country Government Civil Servant Administration Moral Reconstruction Searches Analyzes

Posted on:2008-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The establish of Law of Civil Servant pave the way to the construct of our civil servant system. The ethics of civil servant is the vacation ethics of this special vacation.The systematic and legalized development of the civil servant is very important to the political structure reform and the improvement of the public government. Because of some historical and conceptual reasons, the civil servant regime in china has a lot of problems. Including the vacant of lawsuits, lack of a special governmental institution and so on. The ethics deterioration becomes a very confidential problem in china, this brings a great barrier to the program of our society and our country.In this article, I pay main attention to the public ethics and the civil servant ethics. As I studied the civil servant system in some foreign countries, I found some useful methods. We can make full use of these methods to establish a good system for our own. I also studied the problems in our civil servant ethics system. The reform of it is very urgent. This artical can divided into three sections:Section one: public service ethics and civil servant ehtics. In this section I confine the ethics, public service ethics and the civil servant ethics. I want to find out the function of the public service ethics and the feature of the civil servant ethics. This clear confidition to the civil servant ethics can help us make a good comprehension to the system reforming of the civil servant ethics. The official administration moral reconstruction is for let the official in exercise the public authority, provide the public service in the process, through unceasingly raises official's socialism ideal faith, sets up socialist morality view, the outlook on life, the values, unceasingly consummates the official morals system, by instructs all official's administrative action well, safeguard administration authority public.Section two: Our country government public servant ethics flaws and its influence. This part mainly studied our country present stage public servant ethics lost and its influence. Our country public servant ethics lost first in the official problem of corruption aspect, mainly includes political corruption, the economy corrupt and the life corrupt; next is official administration authority abusing, mainly is authorized to the strength to exercise the scope at will expansion, the exercise of power method quite is crude and so on; third is the official pursues own benefit through each method, mainly will include the bribe, the right peddles, the information peddles, outside the organization gets employed, the future employment and deals with relative issue and so on. These official own ethics lost have the huge influence to the national society, have affected government's prestige, have affected the social justice, have ruined the social convention, have hindered the economical development. Therefore strengthens our country public servant ethics system construction extremely has the necessity.Section three: Strengthens the public servant ethics construction. This part introduced with emphasis our country public servant ethics reconstruction obtains the achievement, the existence question, and proposed strengthens the public servant ethics the rationalization proposal. Since our country government continuously throughout has put the public servant ethics reconstruction on the important position, strengthened the public servant ethics legislation, has built the good foundation for the public servant ethics reconstruction deepening, but our country public servant ethics reconstruction still has very many problems, the legal laws and regulations imperfect, does not make concrete; lacks the public servant ethics the specially management structure; Lacks the public servant ethics responsibility mechanism and the prevention surveillance mechanism; the administrative directive is not transparent, the administrative action lacks with public's communication, the interaction, these questions all create the barrier to our country public servant ethics. In view of these questions, we should strengthen public servant ethics the following aspects, strengthens the administrative morals legislation; Strengthens the management structure construction; At the right moment improves the official treatment, enhances the official morals crime cost; strengthens the surveillance. Establishes the perfect to official to ask the responsibility system; and positively profits from the overseas public servant ethics reconstruction the experience.
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