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Research On Community Service Of Aged-care At Home In Chinese City

Posted on:2008-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays aging of population has become an inevitable trend, which gives out a tough task of caring for the aged. Affected by traditional concepts of providing for the aged and the production level of our country, elderly support by the family model is still taking a dominant role in the life of city elderly. However, changes of family form and people's way of life lead to the fading of family's supporting functions. Community has unique advantages in resource and location. Thus, aged-care at home with community support becomes a feasible way of providing for the aged. As the elderly differ in their wills and needs, providing them with all aspects of service is the top target of communities.This paper analyzes wills and needs of different old people and problems of community service, on the basis of results of a sample survey of Chinese city elderly and a case study of community service in Hangzhou. Therefore, communities, governments and the society should act together. We must take full use of existing resource to establish a comprehensive community service system for the elderly, taking their individual needs into account.There are six parts. The first part is introduction, including the raise of the subject, sources of data, and means of study. The second part expounds theories of aged-care at home, including literature review, the development of the mode of providing for the aged, characteristics of aged-care at home, sociological and psychologic bases of community service. The third part analyzes the status of community service in Chinese city. In this part, firstly, this paper analyzes city elderly's wills and needs of community service, according to the result of a sample survey of Chinese city elderly. Meanwhile, the result of a case study in Hangzhou is unilized to indicate existing problems of community service. The fourth part introduces useful experience of community service both in and out of pur country. The fifth part proposes measures to improve community service of aged-care at home. The last part is conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Elderly, Aged-care at home, Community service, Wills of the elderly, Needs of the elderly
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