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Research On Community Service For The Elderly Of Aged-care At Home In Chinese City

Posted on:2011-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the acceleration of population aging process, the problem of aged-care is becoming practical and urgent. The Aged-care at Home is very popular to the elderly. It relies on the family and community service. Along with the smaller and smaller family size, the community service especially for the elderly, has become the focus of Aged-care at Home. After decades of development, a lot of experience is enriched in the community service. It has formed a supply structure, including government-led, civil society organizations and social forces, volunteer services. It has played a significant role in meeting the needs of urban elderly. Study on the development of community service for the elderly, does not only enrich the community aged service and the related theories, but also has extremely important practical significance for the elderly. It enables the elderly to enjoy the service they need in their own environment.Combined with the background, the recent status and the relevant theory, this paper puts forward the definition of the community service for the elderly. According to the demand and supply conditions of community service for the elderly, this paper researches the problems exciting in the community service by interviewing and analyzing the investigation cases. In order to make the development of community service for the elderly to meet the needs of the elderly groups and to achieve the goal of "five old and have" as soon as possible, this paper will put forward some proposals from the respects of source of of funds, services, service personal,the media and propaganda. So that it will provide basic information for the decision-making.
Keywords/Search Tags:Aged-care at Home, Community Service for the Elderly, Demand and Supply
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