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The Study Of Deng Xiaoping' Reform Thought

Posted on:2008-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215952915Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought is the most important part of Deng Xiaoping'Theory. The theory and principle are directing China's reform and socialism modernization construction, and greatly succeeded in practice. By the investigation of Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought, the article expatiates more about the background of how the ideology come into being the holistic idea, and distribution in the history, it makes people accept it though a clearer view, therefore people's compliance is strengthened. Theory comes from practice and meantime directs practice. To learn and research Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought, we are seriously reviewing the result coming from the reforming and opening up during past year, meanwhile we are continuously developing and innovating it so as to direct the socialism modernization construction better.Part one: It introduces the basic of Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought comes into being, it concludes scientific on China's socialism modernization construction based on practical and realistic theory. There is an important reason which influence the building of Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought, that is his temperament and personality, means standing to facts and dealing with matters down-to-earth, courageous, resolute and wise, the innovating spirit distributes everywhere among the reforming theory system.Part two: As for whole grasping Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought, the article stands on such a clue, first of all, Deng Xiaoping studied China's actuality seriously , and concluded that socialism is the only way for China .And it must be suitable for the situation of China. We must put emphasis on the economic construction, take reforming on domestic affairs and open to abroad. At last, in my opinion, Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought is filled with Chinese feature everywhere. Above all, there are three points in this article, one actuality, one banner, and one road.Part three: It mainly expounds the historic contribution of Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought. Firstly, Deng Xiaoping gave us one kind of immaterial fortune that is great explorative spirit. Today's Chinese feature is resulted from this kind of explorative spirit. Secondly, Deng Xiaoping protested that both material civilization and immaterial civilization should be put into effect and done well. In the socialism construction, material civilization and immaterial civilization are like the wings of the bird and the wheels of the vehicle. To take up with material civilization and immaterial civilization hardly is signally for developing economy. The thirdly, there are three originate stratagems in Deng Xiaoping's Reform Thought. Bringing forward "One country two systems", establishing the socialism economic system and the rich help the poor to get rich, and make the people being well together in the end. The three originate stratagems do important historic contribution for the development of Chinese socialism. The fourthly, Deng Xiaoping reviewed the Four Cardinal Principles. Insisting on the Four Cardinal Principles does the most important signification for eliminating the instable social factor, trying hard to create the stable social political environments, carrying out the scientific developing concept and constructing the socialism harmonious society.In a word, Deng Xiaoping was insisted on building socialism in China, at the same time adhere to Marxism with the practice of China, and continue to explore innovation, made great achievements that had attracted worldwide attention. He had greatly enriched the scientific socialism theory and made a significant contribution. We have accumulated a wealth of experience for the scientific concept of development and made a solid foundation for building a well-off society. Deng Xiaoping's name is together with the times, for all time, forever in the annals of history!...
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