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The Relationships Of Rule By Law And Rule By Virtue

Posted on:2008-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since president Jiang zemin put forward "rule by law and rule virtue", there has been many theories about the definitions and relationships about them. The prevailing theory is that China should be ruled both by law and virtue, and only by doing in this way can China regulate the country and coordinate the relations between people. But there is another voice that the rule by law and rule by virtue are both important as equal basic governing country means.There are five Chapters in this paper.Chapter one, mainly discusses the flaw of the theory that the rule by law and rule by virtue are the equal basic governing country means. Through discussing the characters, functions, the paper presents it has been proven the theory of rule by virtue are not successful both in ancient times in our country.Chapter two, mainly discuses the meaning of modern rule by virtue and the realistic question, the government by law and its superiority. The modern rule by virtue has not been able to achieve the ideal social effect. The reason is moral reconstruction lax in no way. In the moral reconstruction behind, the moral belief has the vacillation, or moral belief serious flaw. This chapter elaborates the newest achievement about the contemporary government by law with the massive lengths. The government by law is able to safeguard the democracy, freedom, equal and human rights, realize the society fair and just, and guarantee the national long-term peace and good government.Chapter three, from the relationships of rule by law and rule by virtue, elaborates that the legal function was bigger than the moral function in the country-governing plane, rule by law is the foundation in governing the country, simultaneously it also explains that the theory of equal foundation neglects the huge difference between the legal and moral, moreover, also confuses the difference between the relationships of the law and the moral and the relationships of the rule by law and rule by virtue.Chapter four, mainly from the current national condition, specially from corrupt origin, elaborates the basic reason of the market disorder, the social credit loses, the moral glide down. Thus proved that persisting the government by law is basic and rule by virtue is auxiliary.Chapter five, government by law is the center of resistance for rule by virtue. Rule by virtue is auxiliary method for government by law at the same time. Through analyzing the problem, I briefly propose my own viewpoint. Namely in our country social principle modernization. We mustn't vacillate "legally rules a nation". While vigorously advancing the government by law construction, auxiliaries by moral education, lays good thought foundation for the government by law construction. While We carry on the socialisms ideological education to the broad masses, vigorously strengthen the government by law education, increase the common law dynamics. We must firmly abandon the viewpoint that the government by law and rule by virtue are equal foundation, and act according to the relationships of them, and cause the two to realize the science perfect union.
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