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Reform Of Our Government Governance Mode In The New Time

Posted on:2008-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215972399Subject:Administrative Management
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At the end of the 1970's, China bid farewell to era of the planned economy time, started the market-oriented economic system reform.Till the 20th century's ends, the Chinese government announced that the socialist market economy system had basically established .The market economy system is the economic system which full of vigor and vitality, and its establishment has brought the society a series of profound changes. This kind of change attacked the old national management system from each aspect. The Chinese government administration had to transform to a democratic,responsible,capability,high efficiency government urgently. The transparent is indispensable whether to the economic development or the sustainable development for the whole society.The government reform is an unceasing process, so long as there is un-perfect government, people will continue to seek the ideal government condition, government's form and behavior always are the centers which the politics and the administrative scholar pays attention, but in the long time, no one doubted whether their observation angle is right or not. The governance theory, which produced in 1990's, provided us a new angle of view in studied the Chinese government reform, enabled people the angle of view which discussed from one kind of more nimble interaction. So people can observe and ponder question from the government, the market, the enterprises, the citizen, social of the multi- dimensions, the multi- stratification planes. People realized that both of the invisible hand of Adam Smith and the hand can see of Keynes cannot radically overcome the market failure and government failure. The idea of the governance theory ,for example the multi- main bodies, the multi- centers, the response, the interaction, openness, the transparency, the government by law, fairly, is effective and so on was considered has the possibility to help break through the dilemma, thus demonstrates a brand-new social citizen development pattern. The government management reform of our country, from the reform content, not only carry on the reform to government itself, the transformation of government function, the reform of government behavior way, the transformation of the official organization structure and the management system takes the main reform content, but also put the government reform in the society's whole governance, between the adjustment of the government, the market and society's boundary, forms the good government system.This article first elaborated on the basic concepts of the governance theory and government governance, analysis the status quo of the governance, then analysis of the governance changes in the macro-perspective, as well as changes in the governance mechanism from the perspective of the government governance. Through the change of the government governance, realized the better interaction of the government, the market and the society, achieving social good governance. Finally, unifying the practice of the Chinese government administration, promoted the establishment of china-led government and the public management of the multi-center model and the idea of structure construction of the specific ways and institutional arrangements. In this paper, in addition to the introduction and conclusion, the full text of nearly 30,000 words, a total of four parts:The first part is the analysis of the Chinese government governance. Introduced the basic concepts of the governance theory and government governance firstly. This was followed by an analysis of the evolution of China's government governance since the founding, the last from the perspective of the relationship between government and society, market and the citizen currently, analysis the governance problems that existed.The second part is of the governance changes in the macro-perspective: Governance Perspective. First, from the theoretical background and practical aspects of the plight of the rise of the governance theory, then analyzes the characteristics and functions of the governance system.The third part is of the mechanism analysis of the Chinese government's change. From an international perspective and the domestic social and environmental point of the governance changes were analyzed.The forth part is about stating the basic methods to reconstruct our governance model. Firstly, establishing the target mode of reconstructing our governance model, which is a multiple-centre governance mode led by government and cooperated with citizens. Secondly, from the perspective of the reconstruction of the governance concept, the government's supply of public goods, the transformation of government functions, improvement of the administrative ability and the development of civil society, stating the methods of reconstructing our governance mode specifically.
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