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Township Government Functions Under The Governance Theory Perspective Study

Posted on:2008-07-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The villages and towns government is the lowest level basic government in our government system, which faces the grass roots directly.It should be responsible for implementing the policies of central govemment.At the same time,it should be responsible for expressing the demand of the rural society. Therefore, the villages and towns government plays an important role between the central government and the broad masses. The function of the villages and towns government should be brought into play fully, which not only relates with the rural society's continually development, but relates with the social stability.In October, 2005,the Fifth Plenary Session of the Sixthteenth Party Central Committee, put forward a major historic task of building a new socialist countryside. A new socialist countryside has some traits,such as the developmental production, the affluent life, the civilized local custom, the neat village accommodates, the democratic management.Moreover, our country abolished the agricultural tax in the nationwide scale from 2006,which alleviated the countrymen's burden in a great extent. Moreover, with the developing of the work of the autonomy by the villagers ,the democratic consciousness and the democratic ability of the villagers is to be enhanced. Then ,under the new situation, what thevillages and towns government should do becomes a hot issue which many people pay more attention to. So,the study on the function of the villages and towns government is worth studying thoroughly.The governance theory, is an advanced socientific theory emergingrapidly from 1990s in the world scope.It is more important to guide the transform of the function of the villages and towns government. Good governance is the goal in the social management process,that is to say,it is to pursue maximal public interest.Its most major characteristic lies in emphasizes the cooperation between the government and the society on the public affairs. The governance theory pay attention to meet one's satisfaction, initiate democratic value, devote to adjust the relations between the nation and the society. Good governance emphasizes efficiency of the service and the fairness of the behavior, namely pays attention to the managerialism and the democratic idea. Therefore, this paper attempts to discuss the villages and towns government's function,including how to orient,how to fulfill and how to safeguard. Then,we maybe better the standard of villages and towns government's behavior, improve the administration ability of the villages and towns government, and promote the building of the new socialist countryside.This paper has nine parts. The introductory remarks part, mainly elaborats the research significance, the research technique, the research situation, each chapter of arrangement,and so on.The first chapter, mainlyinspects the present situation of the villages and towns government's function. The second chapter, analyzes the background of the transform of the villages and towns government's function, including with opportunity and challenge. The third chapter, elaborates comprehensively the governance theory,which instructs the transform of the villages and towns governent's functions .From the fourth chapter to the seventh chapter, is the key part ot the paper. The fourth chapter analyzes that how to oriente the villages and towns government's function.The fifth chapter, points out that our villages and towns Government's political role is to defend democratic rights. The sixth chapter, points out that our villages and towns Government's service role is to provide with the most superior countryside public product.The seventh chapter, points out that we should construct some safeguard factors, in order to realize the transformation of the villages and towns government's function. Finally, the conclusion part is a brief summary of the paper, putting out the main conclusion, innovation of the paper and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:Governance and good governance, villages and towns government, government's function, democratic rights, countryside public product
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