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Studying On Some Problems Of Sino-Soviet Debate

Posted on:2008-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Sino-Soviet debate was an important event that occurred in the 20th century 50's to 60's in International Communist Movement history , its influence was extremely profound. The Sino-Soviet debate occurred had its necessity at that time under the environment. As a result of Communist Party of the Soviet Union to Stalin's complete denial, "three peace" theory and "was satisfactory to both sides" the thought to vacillate the Marxism-Leninism rationale, said from this angle, It was necessary for adhering to the basic principle of Marxism-Leninism to maintain its flag, and the counter-attack revisionism tendency, impel international communist movement to develop soundly, Communist Party of the Soviet Union's a series of procedures truly had harmed China's benefit, therefore It also was need to maintain the China national interest.As for its essence, it was neither captured the International Communist Movement leadership nor merely struggled in the ideology, The different national interest was the important factor to which the debate occurred and developed, when MAO-ze-dong visited Moscow firstly, he debated with Stalin for national interest left shadow in the relations, and became the seed of the Sino debate, seeing from MAO-Ze-Dong and the other china Communist Party leaders, Stalin was overall negated, It meant that the achievement on Soviet socialism was negated, it would cause to negate Chinese socialism system which were built up justly ,the debate on Taiwanese, china with India boundary confliction, forbid partly nuclear test treaty, they reflected really confliction in supporting respectively a national interest. Analyzes china and Soviet communist parties' debate on the war and the peace, get along with capitalism countries peace, transition peaceful and Yugoslavia etc., it was not difficult to discover that national interest and consciousness always tangled together, the national interest always was covered by consciousness, and deepened conscious confliction. Regardless of analyzing from the debate occurrence and development process, or looked from their debate focal point behind fact and the influence to bilateral country afterwards, The battle for national interests which became essence of the debate ran though the whole course all the time, and in fact it was the essence of the debate, but only displayed as ideology difference.The content of The Sino-Soviet debate was concerned with the international communist movement in many fields, they were complicated, but even so, it still had a very explicit topic, that was around the important theories problem in "what is socialism, how to construct socialism". For their different comprehension on socialism, it was basic factor to the debate, in fact, the reason of that Stalin's problem would become the debate fuse, and became one of debate focus, even caused the debate broken out completely, their important factor lied in it. Stalin was seen as the symbol of socialism for a long time, Soviet socialism construction mode was stabled by him, and became the only model that the other communist party could draw experience at that time, In the complicated problems which they disputed, the core was "what is socialism and how to construct Socialism?", in the whole process, though the Soviet communist acted a series of measure to accelerate the contradiction for china Communist Party didn't act as his conduction, all these were just the "punishment" that the Soviet revenged china, although it made the debate topic seem to be more complicate, had not change it. Last, the result of the debate reflected the topic more directlyThe debate not only had brought the enormous negative influence for the International Communist Movement healthy development, at the same time, also gave much loss to the bilateral national interests. The event gave us the most profound experience are: Firstly, should treat the Marxism Correctly, cannot work the Marxism as the doctrine, must scientifically develop and innovate the Marxism, We must act according to the practices change to develop the Marxism, all embark from the reality, concrete unifies actually the Marxism universal principle and the time characteristic and our country, carries on the theory innovation and the practice innovation unceasingly; Second: we must deal with the question to the party border relations, when we develop relations with them, must defer to the principle of "maintains independence and keeps initiative, completely equal, respect mutually, non-interference in others internal affairs", No matter other countries or the political party has any change, all of that are their matter, should not discuss from side that or says this and that, otherwise harm he bilateral relations only; thirdly, construct socialism must accord to his country fact, in the debate, China and Soviet communist showed wrong much severely on how to construct their country, went away from their native fact. They keep to Marx and Engels' consume without any change to understand socialism, set out from the origin but not their fact.
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