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Research On Predicament And Countermeasure Of Administrative Service Center's Construction

Posted on:2008-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360218457894Subject:Administrative Management
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Construction of administrative service center is a kind of creation of administrative management way in recent years. However, administrative service center is a spontaneous reform attempt from the government at the grass-roots level. The time of its establishing is not so long, the practical probing is still on the primary stage, the theoretical research is comparatively weak, so it faces various difficulties in both theory an practice, and makes further influence on its benign development.In view of the above mentioned, the dissertation makes research on the current situations of administrative service center's development, and points out the predicaments during its construction process. Then by analyzing reasons, the dissertation tries to advance some countermeasures from the angle of system,mechanism,content,method and so on. It includes four chapters. Chapter 1 mainly makes reference to the background and meaning why select the topic, introduces the current research situation of administrative service center from home and abroad, then define its breach and possible fresh points. Chapter 2 mainly analyses the basis theory of administrative service center, including evolutions, functions and significance of its construction. Administrative service center has the functions of unifying services, opening affairs information, coordinating department's relations and information feedback. The construction of administrative service center is the inexorable choice of building service-oriented government, is the key point of giving impetus to"seamless government"building, and is the important way of public-service socialization reform. Chapter 3 firstly summaries current situation of administrative service center. Secondly, it focuses on analyzing the predicaments which administrative service center face in the building progress. Such as, legal location is not so accurate, phenomenon of"double-management"is too obvious, work of examination and approval is difficult to coordinate, process of examination and approval has too much abuses etc. According to the predicament, then it probes into deeper causes, such as, no ample conception recognization, no smooth management system, no enough dynamic mechanism, too strong drive from department and personal profits, no sound supervisory mechanism, lagging theoretical guide and lacking of technical support. Chapter 4 is the emphatic point and difficult point of the dissertation. In accordance with analyzing the predicaments and causes of administrative service center's construction, it answers how to perfect it from four levels. First, perfect its management system. In the process of administrative service center's construction, sort out organization and leadership relations, set management departments, integrate department functions, and readjust department authorities. Second, perfect its operating mechanism. It includes democratic and scientific decision-making mechanism, performance-checking and evaluating mechanism on cadres, administrative raising-duty mechanism, and affairs-opening mechanism and so on. Third, standardize its service contents. It includes service items, service processes, bases of examination and approval, limits of time, items and standards of charging. Fourth, bring forth new ideas in its management style. For example, Carrying out"one-shop station"service,"one-window"acceptance,"one-table"work and integrated management.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative service center, Service-oriented government, E-government
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