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The Study Of Value And Construction Of Public Service Government In Our Country

Posted on:2008-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The ultimate value the public service government pursuing is to protect human rights and realize citizens'value. It is based on such concept as the center of the citizens,the service motive of the government and distracted governace with the characteristics of commonality,equality,efficiency,responsiveness. The value of the public service reflects Peoples'value pursuing in society after the entrance of post-industrialized society. As far as our country concerned,the value of the public service governance is the requirement of perfecting socialism market economy as well as constructing harmonious society. While the development of market economy and the rise of civil society exploit the eye of constructing the public service government. As a country of modernization from without,we can use of its advantage to construct our public service government. Based on the positive analysis of big reform occurring in central and local government,the article put forward the idea of the best opportunity of constructing public service government,and then argue about how to construct public service government. This countermeasures not only include system construction but also consist of organization construction.The first chapter is mainly introduce the definition of the public service government. And explain the reason of using the definition of the public service government.The second chapter is to introduce the value of the public service government, five sectors included.The third chapter is to introduce the characteristics of the public service government.The characteristics is publicity, efficiency, equality, reflection, and partition.The fourth chapter is to analyze our country'measures to construct the public service government, based on the fact.The fifth chapter is to put forward the advice of constructing the public service government such as the construction of institution, democracy, organization and civilization.At last this article prospect our country's construction of public service government.
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