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Study On The Construction Of Chinese Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2008-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242457214Subject:Administrative Management
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The construction of the "service-oriented government" and the "service-axis administrative reform" in modern China are necessary for facing the challenge of globalization,the economic development and the improvement of administrative efficiency and effectiveness. The study of the construction of the "service-oriented government" is meaningful for the Chinese administrative reform and the construction of the harmonious society.The new institutional economics, especially the concepts of institution,institutional reform etc, provide us plenty of academic resources and special analyzing angles on the institutional innovations in the process of Chinese "service-axis administrative reform". This dissertation makes analysis of the subject,impetus,process and result of the construction of service-oriented government in the theoretical background of the new institutional economics.There are three kinds of the subject of institutional innovation: government and power elites social groups and individuals. The Chinese local governments play two kinds of roles in the "service-axis administrative reform": On the one hand, it can be the "first action group" since it has the knowledge of its performance- and function; On the other hand, it can be the "second action group" when the innovation is initiated by other organizations or individuals. In the context of Chinese administrative reform, we prefer to the second way. As for the impetus of the administrative reform, we can make analysis from the angle of enforceability- induction,intrinsic- extrinsic way. In the process of the reform it is necessary to proceed in the intrinsic way.The intrinsic and incremental processes of institutional innovation in China are determined by the subject and impetus of the administrative reform. The intrinsic way emphasis the consideration of the practical political context,traditional political culture and civic participation. On the other hand, the incremental way means the processes of compromise,compensation for the loser and improvement step by step.The result of the administrative is the great breakthrough on the level of strategy,policy,value,tools,structure and institutions of the Chinese local government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, New institutional economics, Service-axis administrative reform, Institutional innovation
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