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Institutional Innovation In Our Service-oriented Government Construction Research

Posted on:2011-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360308966919Subject:Administrative Management
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System is an important driving force of social development. System is an intangible social resource, so digging and making full use of the system resource, it has the very important influence to the development of society and economy. Along with unceasing deepening of reform and open policy and the politics management system reform of China, we need to carry out the institutional innovations boldly. In the innovation system, institutional innovation is the foundation and the safeguard status in the entire innovation system, the management, the technology and the organization innovation cannot leave the institutional innovation. As system's main supplier, the Government's institutional innovation ability has the decisive significance for the construction and innovation of institutional framework.Service-oriented government is the direction and goal of our government reform. Currently, it has been a lot of theoretical study about service-oriented government and it is mature system info to some extent. Service-oriented government construction in China has been explored from theory discussion into practice innovation. But the government innovation, especially the system of government innovation, will pass through in the entire government development throughout. But the study of relationship between service-oriented government and institutional innovation is relatively few. This article mainly analyzes the connotation of service-oriented government and institutional innovation, to tease out the relationship between the two, to discover the conjunction point between the two. And the paper analyzes the key system in the construction of service-oriented government, to elaborate the motives of government institutional innovation in China. We will consummate and improve service-oriented government through the following five aspects of institutional innovation to aim at the objectives of development and improvement of service-oriented government in China. First, we promote China's service-oriented government construction and development through an orderly citizen participation system. Second, we promote China's service-oriented government construction and development by the E-government institutional innovations. Third, we should improve the public finance system, to realize the equalization of public service gradually. Fourth, we advance China's service-oriented government construction and development by the institutional innovations of combat corruption. Fifth, we should promote the civil service system to enhance the service ability of officials to impel the construction and development of service-oriented government in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, institutional innovations, path analysis
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