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On The Institutional Construction Of Chinese Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2010-07-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360275493809Subject:Political Theory
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Any government's effective function of public service needs a set of organic institutional system,the same to Chinese government.But the construction of Chinese service-oriented government is a systemic and complicated project. Currently,the outstanding issue is still the lack of system provision,so the achievement of Chinese service-oriented government depends on perfecting all institutions which are Chinese service-oriented government needs.The institutions of service-oriented government include the constitution system, the institutional arrangement and the behavior rule.The idea of Chinese service-oriented government reflects the meaning of the Constitution.The construction is a process,where the constitution system is implemented into the institutional arrangement and operation.That is how China insure the standardization,legality and impartiality of service-oriented governmental institutions by a series of institutional design and institutional innovation.The academic basis of this dissertation is the new institutional economics,and the dissertation analyses how to construct Chinese service-oriented governmental institutions in terms of public service philosophy,provision model,operation method and performance evaluation.All these are the innovation of this dissertation. The dissertation includes six chapters.The first chapter introduces service-oriented government and institutional construction,which are the range and perspective of the dissertation.Meanwhile, the dissertation classifies and recites domestic and foreign scholars' studying on service-oriented government and institutions.Currently,domestic scholars emphasize standard methods in analyzing service-oriented government.They concentrate on three questions,which include what is service-oriented government, why and how China constructs service-oriented government,but few domestic scholars make researches on service-oriented government in view of institution. While foreign scholars put emphasis on empirical research,they focus on government supplying efficient and excellent public service.The second chapter establishes the argument basis of the dissertation after defining basic concepts.By normative analysis on the institutional construction of service-oriented government,the dissertation concludes that the institutional construction of service-oriented government needs redefine the integrality,certainty and normalization of service-oriented government,conforms to legalization,and achieves the subject of harmonious public management.The third chapter thinks culture is a kind of informal institution,just as what Douglass C.North said.The culture can pervade all social areas and restrict formal institution.The administrative culture of service-oriented government is consist of the administrational subject culture,the administrational object culture and the administrational institution culture.From the three aspects,the chapter analyzes the institutional disequilibrium and considers that the object of building administrative culture of service-oriented government is the principle of people oriented.The fourth chapter considers that public service is the core of service-oriented government.It becomes an important index to service-oriented government that how to supply the public with efficient and excellent public service.The chapter analyzes the governmental function finiteness in public service and the institutional disequilibrium in public service socialization.Then the chapter puts forward that public service should be from simplification to diversification,and the government should achieve institutionalization in public service provision.The fifth chapter regards the institutional change of the Chinese electronic government is a government-leading and top-down process.The Chinese government makes some progress in the design of nucleus institution,but gets into the inevitable problem of institutional disequilibrium.To make the Chinese electronic government get the maximum benefits in the institutional structure and design,there are four measures.First,making sure the target and principle of Chinese electronic government;second,puting the equity idea into effect and shorten the"number gap";third,protecting the information safety of the government electronic service; fourth,establishing the normalized and standardized electronic service.The sixth chapter demonstrates that scientific and reasonable performance evaluation system contributes to evaluate and control the service-oriented government effect and management responsibility.The effective governmental performance evaluation relies on the government manageable institutions.Currently,the Chinese government performance evaluation has subjectivity problems,lacks normalization and normalization.Its key reason is institution deficiency.To improve the government performance evaluation system,On the one hand the government should perfect the performance evaluation system and propel the normal operation of the performance evaluation system;on the other hand the government should advance the construction of service-oriented government by establishing scientific performance evaluation system.
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