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Innovation Of Government Management Theory

Posted on:2008-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242457827Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 1990s, the economic globalization has become more stronger and the international competition and society transformation become more serious, making the international and domestic environments which the government has to face changed very deeply. This transformation compels the government change it traditional bureaucratic governing and innovate the public sector in theory and practice. To implement quality management in government, total quality management system has become an effective approach to innovation of government management. In the mean time, under the impulse of economic globalization wave, the international quality standardization has integrated together, and because ISO9000 which was promulgated by international organization for standardization has the characteristics of in general use, science and operability, make it become the first choice that all countries government promotes total quality management. Reasonably use the ISO9000 in the government can make government more scientific, more rationalized and more standardized, it also can raise the efficiency of handle affairs in government and give a good government image to the citizenry.This thesis started at the research of government innovation, putting forward that using ISO9000 in public section in a reasonable manner is a creative means in government innovation, giving the theories to prop up for the textual research. Immediately after, this thesis carries on the introduction to the basic knowledge of the ISO9000. introduces some examples of western public sector and of Chinese governments which have got success in adopted ISO9000, and then points out that this standard can run good and produce good result in public section. But, the ISO9000 system was originated in industry and got consummate in this sector- after all, making money is the goal of business enterprise ,which is different to government's goal—not-for-profit, and the products that government provide include the social public goods and services. So, when governments adopt this standard, they cannot completely be similar to business enterprises, which carry on ISO9000 in their produce procedure strictly. Thus, we must combine the actual circumstance and function of government. Therefore, this thesis puts forward that we need to compartmentalize the government function aim at the characteristics of ISO9000 when we adopt ISO in government reasonably. The classification is as follows: the procedure function and non-procedure function; the function which we can assess its quality and quantity and the function which we can assess it's quality but not quantity; the function which promotes the economic value growth mostly and the function which promote the social value growth mostly; the rigid function of make policy and the general service function. After this classification, we need to adopt the ISO9000 in procedure function, the function which we can assess its quality and quantity, the function which promote the economic value growth mostly and the rigid function of make policy like the business enterprise, and according to the ISO9000's steps and procedures which the paper has given; but in the non-procedure function, the function which we can assess its quality but not quantity, the function which promote the social value growth mostly and the general service function, we need to introduce the idea of ISO9000,which are "make people the center", "prevention and process control", "keep on the improvement", and "pursue the truth and excellence"...
Keywords/Search Tags:total quality management, ISO9000, government function
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