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Study Feasibility Of Applicating ISO9000 Quality Management System Into Government Application

Posted on:2017-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330503482633Subject:Public Management
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Government departments are engaged in social management and service work,which quality are closely related by the people. In recent years, Measures for Reform of the administrative system has been deepening and constructing the Sun and efficient service-oriented Government, which Be studied and discussed by people.IS09000 quality System of Government is introduced into management system, It is effective to improving the quality of work. which is a Important theory and practiced exploration in ISO9000 quality management system is introducted to government system.The origins and philosophy of IS09000 quality management system was introduced by this document. This document reviewing and exploring for the application of theoretical study and practice to ISO 9000 quality management system in the public administration, Analysing of the feasibility and necessity of the introduction of a system of Government. For example Xingtai City People’s Government office practicing on ISO9000 quality management system. The practical steps and measures as follows:1.Leadership attention, 2.Full mobilization. The worker is training of staff, which improving government service quality. 3.Determining the target. According to its own,formulating suitable quality guideline and quality goal for the system; 4.Editing ISO9000 documents, clarify duties. 5.The internal audit and external audit. Reinforce supervision of government service by ISO9000 examination mechanism or relevant certification mechanism; 6.Continal improvement. According to the satisfaction of service object constantly improvement.Analysised of the quality management system of the feasibility, validity,effectiveness. The paper draws a conclusion: The study showed that, in the aspect of Standardizing government management system and improving the quality of service,ISO9000 quality management system is playing a very important role. The first,The process of government management system can be optimized by the system. The second, this system provides specific and applicable standards, enhance service awareness system of goverment departments, It is effective in Defining responsibilities,enhancing service consciousness, Establishingt the service supervision mechanism,imprving the quality of government work and efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Service Quality, ISO9000 Quality Management System, Approach, Feasibility
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