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Research On Construction Of A Service-oriented Local Government

Posted on:2008-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242956976Subject:Administrative Management
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A target of constructing the standardized, coordinated, fair and highly efficient service-oriented government which meet the requirements of market economy's development and people's satisfaction was set in Party's Sixteenth National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of its Sixteenth Central Committee.The so-called service-oriented government, under the guidance of citizen and social standard, was set up with the will of citizens through legal procedures. It assumes the responsibility of service and aims to service the citizens. The nature of constructing the government is changing from the system of government and official standard, planning standard to the social and civic standard, market standard. The omnipotent government gradually turns limited; the modern administrative methods, which advocate economy and law, replace the traditional way; the public-service-management mode is running instead of traditionally approve-controlled management mode.The theories of People's sovereignty, new public management, administrative rule of law and serve the people are basic theories of constructing a service-oriented government. The concepts of people-oriented development, the achievements of governing for people, the rule of law, scientific and democratic decision-making and running a state in accordance with solemnity are political ideas of constructing a service-oriented government. At present, the challenges of WTO rules, the requirements of the socialist market economy, market failures, market imperfections, the support of socialist democracy, the recycling campaign of government and social development imbalances bring great difficulties in the process of constructing a service-oriented government.From the autonomous regional, province and city government to the grassroots in China, under the guidance of "Three Represents" important thought, active practice a service-oriented government, received some success, but there are also many problems. The main problems are: Understanding the theory of building a service-oriented government. Focused on specific operational level, ignore the institutional innovation. Unable to play the role of the mass citizens. Insufficient awareness of building a service-oriented government in the long term, systemic and difficulty, etc.Anyang of Henan Province have made unremitting exploration in construction of service-oriented government, and achieved initial success, including: persist in reform and innovation, changes of government functions, build service platforms and enhance services functions , strengthen supervision and surveillance, improve administrative efficiency. At the same time, many problems we have to meet, including ideological misunderstanding, further improvement in work efficiency. "Four Chaos" and "Five Ba" phenomenon have not been curbed. To this end, Anyang City has adopted the following measures: firstly, earnestly strengthen the building of a service-oriented government and optimization of the environmental work of economic development. Secondly, take the implementation of the law on administrative approve as an opportunity to truly change the government functions. Thirdly, promoting the building of a long-term mechanism. Fourthly, increase the effectiveness of efficiency supervision mode.In the new era, the key of building a service-oriented government in China is accelerating institutional reform, optimizing the organizational structure; The core issue is to effectively change the functions of specific government roles, highlight the role of government and innovation system, improve the operational mechanism; advancing ways to improve management methods, improve administrative efficiency; construction ssis evaluation mechanism, improving the quality of service. The basic links are to update the concepts of talents and enhance the construction of servant team.Above all, The concepts of service-oriented government are service, transparency, completion, open, limit, democracy, the rule of law and efficiency; Service-oriented system is the focus of the construction of service-oriented government. The relevant elements include the relationship of government and market, government and enterprises, government and society relations, superior and inferior levels in government, the functions of a service-oriented government, real demands of government. The government's management style should reflect the characteristics of services, mainly including the rule of law, open and transparent management, the implementation of e-government, democratic and scientific decision-making, reform of the administrative examination and approval system, enhancing the construction of work style, innovation and implementation of the employment system and performance evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:construction of government, service-oriented government, public administration, the transformation of government functions
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