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The Research On The Construction Of Service Government An The Transformation Of Administration Model

Posted on:2009-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275960973Subject:Political Theory
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Content:In view of the international society,it is the current tendency and goal to reform the public administration system and construct service government.It is Chinese government urgent and important task to construct service government administration model.However,the theory of it in China is at the beginning of the stage and it has some blank spaces and weak link,which restrict the further research. This thesis studies the construction of Chinese service government and the transformation of administration model so as to further promote the construction of Chinese public service government.There are five chapters in this thesis.Chapter1 Introduction In this chapter,it introduces the background and general research from home and abroad.It also shows the perspective,structure and method of this thesis.Chapter2 literature review It analysis the theoretic basis and features of service government model.It probes into the basic functions of service government.Chapter3 The direction of Chinese administration model.Firstly it defines the government administration model and its categories.Then it analysis the malpractice of Chinese traditional administration model and point out that the direction of Chinese administration model is to construct the public service government and its importance.Chaper4 The condition and problems of our current public service government.It analysis the achievement of the public service construction and the shortcoming it exists.After that the author point out the problems of our current public service government.Chapter5 The ways to promote the transformation of the government functions and construction of public service government.It explains the background and point out the ways to transform the administration model and construct public service government.The ways include building the public financial system and expanding the supply subject and so on.
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