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Discussing The Role Of Integrity Of Government Played On The Building Of Harmonious Society

Posted on:2008-01-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Fifth Plenum has made a comprehensive plan how to build a hasmonious society in terms of six parts, incluing democracy and rule of law, fairness and justice, honesty and love, full of vitality, stability and order, the harmonious relationship between man and nature,which marks a new stage our harmonious society begins with. Many scholars provides the elements to build harmonious socity from aspect of harmonious society.At 2006 NPC and CPPCC, Hu Jintao, general secretary put forward to socialist concept of honor of "eight Eihachi Shame", providing the strong ideological weapon for improving the policy combined with the law and moral, with the purpose of building sociailism harmonious society. One of the concept of honors, honesty and credibility are proud, The harmonious development of society, must depends on guidiance of law and system and moral. Integrity can reduce the conflicts of social life at maxmium degree,the risk and cost of of social life, and also the running cost, To build the harmonious society, indivials needs integrity,collective and sociaty needs integrity, and the contry also needs integrity. The integrity of government is the foundation of whole integrity system. During the process of its building, the integrity is the foudation.. Yet as the center of social integrity system,t he integrity of government is the key.The ultimate goal of harmonious sociaty is contradiction on the state of equilibrium. The contradiction between the government and public is the major one in all kinds of transitional contradictions, which directly related to social stability. Hence, it is the important to eliminate the conflict of people in the building of current harmonious sociaty,and also the problem to be solved. The research of integrity of government is compatively rich in china nowdays, not mentioned the improvement of system of integrity of government. Focus on law and moral, there is few studies on the relationship between the integrity of government and harmonious society, not mentioned the research for the improvenmnet of system.In terms of principle and public relationship of integrity of government, the paper try to discuss role of integrity of government played on the building of harmonious society. The emphasis of the paper is that the integrity of government direcly effects the solution between the public and government, effects the stable basis of harmonious society. With the support of the related theory of integrity of government and haromnious sociry, analysis is carried out the analysis from the of integrity of government in actual life,tipical case is collected from positive and negative examples, to prove that the integrity of government is the root of eliniating the conflice between the government and public,the lube of buiding the harmonious society,the base stone of buiding harmonious scoiety.At the same time,according to the characteritic and analysis of integraty of government, three recommendations are provided, which solved weekness of the system of integrity of government,and plays roles on the improvemnet of integrity of government. Part of them has successful experice,and has strong signifinance . By the analysis os theory and actral cases of behavior of our integrity of government ,several elements are summed to effect the integrity of government, We the model of service assessment of american government, try to build assecssment and qulity model of integrity of government,that is the model of assessment of public satisfaction to integrity of government.
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