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Research On Government Integrity Of Grass-roots Government

Posted on:2016-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330479481710Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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A state power is the basis of the grass-roots government, but the core of the grass-roots government lies in the functioning of the grass-roots governm ent credibility. With the further development of China’s socialist harmonious society, the grass-roots government government integrity are paying more and more attention. A key component of the social credit system is the government integrity, but also to promote the priority among priorities other social cre dit system construction. However, because of the influence of market economya nd the part of the government’s bad work style, the domestic primary governme nt credibility decreases gradually, there are significant problems in the soc ial management, administrative law enforcement, public services and improve p eople’s livelihood fields, have serious implications for the government at th e grassroots level government integrity.This paper studies the grass-roots government credibility is mainly refer s to the district level local government. This paper expounds the constructio n of government credit to the grass-roots government theory as the beginning,by understanding the history of domestic and foreign grass-roots government t he construction of government credit, clarifies the importance of strengtheni ng the government credit construction of grass-roots government and the urgen cy of the problem, put forward the basic research in the construction of gove rnment credit grass-roots government specific, find out the solutions.The first part of this paper, through the study on grass roots government integrity government background, obtains the government integrity grassroots government meaning, evaluation standard. The use of relevant theories of phil osophy, political economics, government credit construction of grass-roots go vernment theory further generalization.The second part of this paper, the problems and causes of grass-roots gov ernment focus on the integrity of the building, focus on the A area grass-roo ts government credibility construction research, concluded that the existence of administrative role dislocation, lack of administrative behavior, administ rative responsibility appears deviation etc. government credit construction o f grass-roots government; the reasons for these problems, due to the lack ofnegative effects, traditional culture the credit punishment enough, the negati ve influence of traditional culture.In the third part, elaborated the necessity of government credit construc tion of grass-roots government, the inevitable choice, is to consolidate the party’s ruling status of building a socialist harmonious society in the meani ng of the title, guarantee the socialist market economy requires sustained an d healthy functioning of the.The fourth part of this paper, in view of the existing grass-roots govern ment credibility construction issues, put forward eight to strengthen the con struction of government credit to the grass-roots government measures, namely,change idea, set up the government good faith idea, define the function of go vernment, the transformation of government functions, the construction of ser vice type government responsibility, the legal construction of- efficient go vernment, transparent government construction, harmony the government, streng then the construction of civil servants credit construction, perfecting the s ystem of laws and regulations, strengthen the building of honesty system.Conclusion re emphasized the important significance of strengthening theg overnment credit construction of grass-roots government. As a grass-roots gov ernment, only will be the relationship between the government and the masseso f the effective treatment, the full implementation of the "people-oriented" p urposes, and strive to obtain the support of the masses, trust, respect, it c an improve the grass-roots government credibility, to realize the great goalo f building a socialist harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:local government, government credit, harmonious society, proble ms and Countermeasures
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