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Countermeasure Research On Realization Of Basic Public Services Equalization In China

Posted on:2009-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242984802Subject:Administrative Management
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With the sustainable development of economy and improving of standard of living in 30 Years of Reforming and Opening to the World, the basic public services of social needs have a comprehensive growth trend. Because of the unbalance of the economy and society development, there are contradictions between the people's public service needs and the public services support, so the non- equalization situation of the basic public services is increasing. According to 'some important decision on constructing socialist harmonious society of the PPC Central Committee' in the sixth Plenary Session of the six Central Committee of the Party, the government will strengthen the main function of the basic public services, China will perfect the public finance management mechanisms and realize the equalization of the basic public services gradually. Although the equalization in basic public services is becoming the hot issue in the theory circle, there is little system elaboration about it. The paper will state something about equalization in basic public service of China and do some exploratory research.Combined with the thoughts of the public and private demand, public finance theory, the theory of social justice and common prosperity and the theory of socialist harmonious society, the paper comprehensively use the methods of literature survey, comparative analysis, questionnaire survey and case analysis to research the situation of the basic public services equalization in China on the base of analyzing on its possibility and inevitability . The paper points that there are regional differences, urban-rural gap and wealth gap in the supply of the basic public services, it is the results of the imperfection financial system, the unclear government function, the unbalanced economic development and the urban-rural segmentation system. Aiming at these questions, the paper proposes the measures for realizing the basic public services in China: changing government function, establishing policy system, perfecting financial construction, reforming census register system, enlarging the social participation and make regulation. Finally, it takes An'Shan City as a case, by means of interview and questionnaire, to proposes some countermeasures and suggestions, this will speed up the of realization of basic public services equalization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Basic Public Services, Equalization, Public Service Government
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