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Research On The Accountability Of Chinese Citizens From The Perspective Of Responsible Government

Posted on:2017-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330512467344Subject:Political Theory
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Citizen accountability is an indispensable part in administrative accountability system which is of great significance in the progress for the construction of responsible government. Generally it refers to the means of social activities initiated by the citizens who accuse the government or its officials. Citizen accountability is a necessary way in building responsible government, but also is an important direction of comprehensively deepening the reform. Construction and development of civil accountability helps to strengthen the foundation for the legitimacy of the government, and helps to promote interaction between government and the people, in addition, helps to improve the level of governance and the development of civil society. Currently the research and practice of citizen accountability are both in its early years. Culture of accountability, the legal system and the specific mechanisms need to be further developed and improved.In this dissertation, on the basis of literature research, we comparatively analyzed the theory and practice of accountability system both in domestic and international ways. Finally we reviewed our citizen accountability by the method of comprehensive analysis systematically. This dissertation is based on logical framework that is "Theoretical Explanations- Problems and Current Situation-Problem Caused Analysis- Looking for Solutions".Firstly, the first part tells the related concepts of responsible government and citizen accountability. And theoretically explains the theory, real value and relations between citizen accountability and responsible government.Secondly, the second part describes the practices of citizen accountability abroad and the current status in China, which has made considerable progress in terms of the subject, object, and legal mechanisms.Thirdly, the third part based on the constituent elements of citizen accountability analyzes the current problems and its reasons of citizen accountability. The current problems of our citizen accountability mainly include:unclear object, lack of government information, the degree of institutionalization of citizens is not enough accountability, citizen accountability mechanism is not perfect. The main reasons contributing to these problems are as following:not enough mature culture of accountability, lack of judicial basis, lack of responsibility sense.The last part of the dissertation argues that specific solutions can be to explore in the following three levels. First, the cultivation of a culture of accountability, including foster civic level, the government level and the social dimension of a culture of accountability. Second, improve the legal system, including legislation to confirm the details of citizens and improve accountability laws to detail citizen accountability in two ways. Third, the construction of the specific mechanism, covering the protection of citizens' right to information, improve citizen accountability channels, the government should improve the mechanisms of responsibility, improve the mechanism of protection of the rights of citizens accountability, improve accountability social assistance mechanisms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Responsible Government, Administrative Accountability, Citizen Accountability
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