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Ethics Contemplation Of Contemporary China Administrative Accountability

Posted on:2011-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Administrative accountability is the accountability of a particular subject conduct Monitoring and review of the Public servants at all levels of government and assume all responsibilities and obligations situation, do not do or Do not correct as a Department or individual be held liable according to legal procedures, to bear the negative consequences of the system. Administrative accountability system is the product of the development of Western democracy, which aims to prevent the abuse of public power. In China, the administrative accountability has long been of research, is an old topic. So far, China's administrative accountability system showed the power of accountability from a single system of accountability to multiple changes; gradually expanded the scope of accountability to paying attention to political accountability and moral accountability level up; accountability from the accident-prone sectorsgradually in depth to other areas and sectors, particularly the power sector; public participation and accountability of public opinion on the administrative role of promoting and monitoring the multiple trend of increasing.Chief executive accountability of the main areas of accountability, administrative accountability of the object, the scope of administrative accountability, administrative accountability procedures, the responsibility system of administrative accountability, administrative accountability, liability and other component elements. Responsibility of the territory by the scope of accountability to divide:the administrative accountability system is divided into bureaucratic accountability, legal-type accountability, professional accountability and political model based accountability; according to different subjects of accountability are classifiedadministrative accountability system can be divided into the same body of accountability and allogeneic accountability; by timing of the differences occurred accountability, administrative accountability and the accountability system is divided into general emergency accountability; by the start of the process of accountability in different ways, the Chiefaccountability system is divided into administrative accountability and legal accountability; according to different levels of accountability of the situation, the administrative accountability system is divided into the accountability of positive and negative as not as accountable. Establish and improve the administrative accountability system can help to overcome the shortcomings of human nature, help control the spread of the negative characteristics of the power, the need to build a clean government, enhance the comprehensive development of citizens to practice their personal needs; help eliminate the "Official Standard"thinking, strengthen governance for the people of the" people "concept, and establish the image of hard-working public servants; help strengthen the moral power of administrative supervision, help improve the administrative system and establish a new type of" responsible government ", to achievesociety, democracy, justice, harmony and friendly.From the ethical and moral terms, the principal of administrative accountability system, there are currently the following issues:accountability over a single subject, focusing on accountability with the body, lack of accountability allograft; accountability of the "responsibility" is too vague, the accountability system is incomplete;accountability procedures were unfair and not enough punishment investigated; administrative staff low sense of responsibility, public accountability, oversight is not active; the lack of administrative accountability of the humanitarian relief measures. To this end, we first must determine the administrative accountability system should follow the following ethical principles:the principle of accountability according to the law, rights and responsibilities on the principles of ethical education and strict principle of combining punishment, supervision and rational moral principle of combining prevention, the principle of openness and transparency, procedural fairness and the principles of humanitarian relief. Second, by establishing the moral accountability of the main image, given the accountability means "good", and improve accountability object of moral quality, to develop good moral accountability environment to further improve the mechanism to run the administrative accountability system. Another time, adhere to the ethics should be to design the administrative accountability system, improve accountability with the body, strengthen accountability allograft and accelerate the pace of government affairs, and promote public participation in oversight of the process, improve the administrative litigation liability and tort liability, the establishment and implementation ofmoral accountability. Finally, the strong ethical culture to strengthen the administrative accountability, the establishment of service-oriented government responsibility. Specific measures such as: self-blame culture and actively promote the construction of modern administration, and continuously strengthening justice, democracy as the core ethical teachings of administrative accountability, strengthen the administrative accountability of the Moral supervision, accountability and develop a positive conscience.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative accountability system, with the body of accountability, allogeneic accountability, Responsible Government, governing for the people, the Chief of conscience, "official standard"
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